Federal Court Condoning Trudeau’s Violation of Rights -Maxime Bernier Discusses His Dismissed Lawsuit & the WEF

Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagné dismissed Maxime Bernier, PPC Leader, and Hon. Brian Peckford’s federal lawsuit against the unconstitutional air travel vaccine mandate Thursday. Join us, as Bernier speaks frankly about the egregious failure of the federal court to hear how the discriminatory vaccine travel mandate violated the Charter Right to freedom of mobility, punishing unvaccinated Canadians for refusing the experimental Covid gene therapy.

Bernier also discusses the alarming signs that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is sinking its hooks deeper into Canada and many countries with the push for digital ID and a cashless world propping open the door to a social credit system.

Back in April this year, the Hon. Brian Peckford joined us to discuss the state of our democracy, the Charter and his federal lawsuit against the vaccine travel mandate. The transcript can be found HERE.

8 thoughts on “Federal Court Condoning Trudeau’s Violation of Rights -Maxime Bernier Discusses His Dismissed Lawsuit & the WEF”

  1. Presumeably the judge if hearing a rape case could say that because the rape is no longer happening it was pointless to proceed with the case. The restrictions happened and the constitution was broken.

  2. We need to tear down the whole system and put competent honest people in place and get rid of these demons once and for all, put rules to listen to the science professionals without penalties to talk the truth when it comes to our health and not believe or trust a politician or judge again and punish the corrupted criminals and have no forgiveness on them, even judges that can’t see what their supposed to be and do the liberals agenda and if they don’t like that than take a hike to jail or call Trudeau’s MAID as I wish they would call because we are going to be calling them when we get rid of this tyrant incompetent criminal government in place, the old saying if you don’t have the time than don’t do the crime and they know what how and who they are

    1. Were we a democracy, perhaps “we” could “tear down the whole system.” Regrettably, we’re a fascist dictatorship and, although we dutifully queue
      for the charade of “voting” every four years (or whenever our dictator decides), it’s the global state/ ruling elite who choose and crown our martinets. (Including judges).
      Yeah, perhaps I am a defeatist.

      1. I fully agree with you. I just wish more people would rise to the occasion. Our future generations are in a lot of trouble and we are running out of time.

  3. Joeclyne Gane shows there is no justice or laws in this country, only liberal liar politics, I’ve mooted the liberals long ago and their tyranny, the crime was already taken and that’s ok to forget it, this judge would allow worse crimes to be ok and she will moot them, fire her

  4. This decision by the Judge Gagne is so disappointing and alarming. I have no respect for her and am beginning to lose faith in our justice system. It seems that all our institutions have become corrupt.
    Thank you to Maxime Bernier and Brian Peckford and the other applicants in this case for your courage and integrity. I’m praying that your appeal is successful.

    1. I understand where you are coming from Arlene. It almost seems hopeless does it not?
      However, consider this: At the moment, the Judiciary have been as hoodwinked as the mask-holes and vaxxx-lovers have in the general population. They are afraid of the virus and they are afraid to contest the “expertise” of the Bonnie Henry-s of the world because they are “doctors” just as much as judges get pissed with people contest the judgments of judges because, those doing the contesting are not judicial experts and they are. Therefore the judges are deferring to the so-called medical experts.
      As time goes by, more of the fakery and criminality of the vaxxines and their pushers and more of the incompetence and or collusion of the various medical establishments such as the PHOs start coming out and more of the family and friends and the judges themselves start coming down with non functioning immune systems and various cancers that clearly are the result of this vaxxination campaign.
      You wind up with a judiciary that is now taking it personal. They wind up not believing the bullcrap of the last few years and are in a position to use their judicial powers to hear and punish with the fullest measure the con artists and perpetrators of this crime against humanity. If you are a judge, and your 30 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, just months after getting the jabb, how are you going to take it?
      Yes Arlene, it seems unfair at the moment, but sooner or later the Judiciary will catch up to where we are and there will be some kind of shock and awe when that happens.
      And happen it will.

      1. Or they are compromised. Remember Klaus Schwab’s statement in an interview with David Gergen just before he admired Trudeau “We penetrate the cabinets….” They also penetrate our Judicial System and Law enforcement.

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