Fake Pandemics, Bill Gates, 5G, Transhumanism… An Interview with Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD

Dr. Mark Trozzi (drtrozzi.org) has spoken boldly, clearly and without holding any punches during, what he calls, the running of the Criminal Covid Enterprise. Join us for this no-holds barred discussion with a true champion of human rights and freedoms on such topics as the corruption of the WHO, Big Pharma and Bill Gates, transhumanism, 5G and more.

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2 thoughts on “Fake Pandemics, Bill Gates, 5G, Transhumanism… An Interview with Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD”

  1. This is getting intense,Gord. Sound the alarm of this intentional genocide with experts that can support stating that it is just that.

    Within three months 3% were dead.
    28% were seriously or permanently injured after 3 months.
    3% is just the warm up from Pfizer’s massaged data.
    The govt is negligent or they knew.
    Dr. Tam is forcing people to take a shot that is killing 3% right off the bat.
    If Dr. Tam can be a govt expert and not even read Pfizer’s statements and be involved in forcing people to take this injection that they know has a minimum 3% death rate…….
    As Dr. Hodgkinson said -this is : “State sponsored murder.”
    Lock them up? Of course,you should lock up people that commit mass murder against humanity. The Canadian govt saying you have to take this shot and thereby putting you at risk of a minimum-they know it,I know it – is way worse-3% of the people died for a warm up.
    The govt was forcing individuals and accelerating forcing this with a known 3% death rate.

    Although this is not a real pandemic the golden rule is you never use mass vaccination.
    Big death did not start until the injections. Now we have a lot of death.
    You never vaccinate out of an active infection.

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