Fact-Checking Chrystia Freeland’s Fear of Violence at the Emergencies Act Inquiry)

Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland testified at the Emergencies Act Inquiry today, continuing to prop up the govt’s now unsheathed narrative that the invocation of the Emergencies Act was never warranted by CSIS Act’s Section 2 requirement. Freeland testified that she felt the threat of violence was very real, including needing RCMP escorts in Ottawa to walk amidst peaceful protesters and bouncy castles.

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Some of the full videos for the clips shown in this report can be found below.

5 thoughts on “Fact-Checking Chrystia Freeland’s Fear of Violence at the Emergencies Act Inquiry)”

  1. Freeland's Destruction of Canada

    This WEF trustee and UN wannabe has done all she can to destroy our nation.
    The Bank of Canada Governor is quoted today as saying that it is Freeland and Turdo’s wreckless spendings and handouts (in large part to the black hole of Freeland’s Ukraine) are responsible for Canada’s record inflation and uncontrollable debt.
    Traitors running our country gaslight us every day and this show rolls on while Canadian prosperity and independence is destroyed.

    1. Freeland pobably was the high school girl that couldn’t get an elite club of her own in high school her attitude is the spoiled pampered little girl an elitist. However she should be fully investigated with her being a sitting board member of theWEF, that is a deffinite Conflict of Interest being the vice pm of Canada.

  2. In the end the truth be held above all that was said. The truck convoy was peaceful, no fear of violence only words of the media and government people have it all wrong. Thank you Lord for our Beautiful Canada. God gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.
    Thank you to the Truck Convoy you woke the world with your bravery, kindness, peace, courage. Love to all! Irene

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