BREAKING: Justin Trudeau Lies Under Oath: “I Did Not Call People Who Were Unvaccinated Names”

The leader of our country has just lied under oath at the Emergencies Act Inquiry.

Full Q and A regarding name calling:

Full “racist” and “misogynist” clip from Julie Snyder show:

8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Justin Trudeau Lies Under Oath: “I Did Not Call People Who Were Unvaccinated Names””

  1. What a liar Trudeau is! He keeps talking so that the person asking him questions runs out of time. We have several friends who were out in Ottawa during the truck convoy. The Honourable Brian Peckford was there during that time. The Honourable Brian Peckford is the last living person who was living and involved in the making of our Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He was the premier of Newfoundland formerly. Not once did Trudeau speak to the truckers. Not once!

    1. But he bends a knee to BLM, members of which were commiting real acts of violence, as opposed to honking “violence”. Complete and utter disrespect and disregard for the citizens and laws of Canada. Now, to top it off, he lies under oath about defaming millions of Canadians for exercising our right to bodily autonomy. Perjury is an indictable criminal offence. Trudeau must go.

  2. Of course he did, and will no doubt get away with it as well. The guy has zilch for integrity, self-awareness, or basic decency and good faith. A vacuous, narcissistic, empty shell of a puppet with Schwaub’s hand firmly up his backside. They will fall in the end and fall hard.

    1. Sad when a sitting Prime Minister lies. He will never take responsiblity for his actions. This in God’s eyes is hurtful as He expect us to be truthful and as Canadians we expect the same.
      We Magnify the name of Jesus over Canada and declare our trust is in You Lord and You alone O Lord. He shall have Dominion from sea to sea.May God’s Power and Strength rule over our Canada. Amen

      1. Irene, thank you so much for your prayer for Canada. Our country and it’s people could use more of this. It is the only way to save our once cherished nation. One thing that I realized as I sat and briefly thought about the future is that God has a way turning bad things into something good. I look forward to the future and all the possibilities and freedom that awaits us.

  3. Freeland's Destruction of Canada

    All those that supported Trueau ,the Liberal Party and cowered into medical submission are responsible for this globalist scum bag. You are responsible for the state of our nation being held hostage to the WEF/UN/WHO.
    Freeland,Trudeau,Mendicino-traitors to our nation supported by gullible idiots.

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