5 thoughts on “Ex-Police Officer Says #EndTheMandates”

  1. Thank you Officer !!! First of all for your 31 years of service to the community and secondly for asking the police officers to do what they think is best for the public, as that is who they are employed to Serve & Protect……. not political agendas. I have dear friends who have been attending these protests in Ottawa who have seen first hand how organized and peaceful they have been (aside from the honking LOL). Although mainstream media won’t cover this but millions of us are so proud of the Freedom Convoy and the support they are getting from all of the world !! and its thanks to people like you who stand up for us and try to share the message to end mandates and give us back our Freedom of Choice.

  2. Thank you for your learned advice Michael. I sincerely hope that our officers on the front lines share your views. We are the true north, strong and free.

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  4. May god bless you Thank you. I pray that God will open the hearts and minds of all police and that they remember the oath ‘TO SERVE AND PROTECT’ That they know their actions once done can never be undone and Doug Ford will have to answer, remember GOD IS WATCHING.

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