Emergencies Act A “Tremendous Embarrassment For Multiple Levels of Govt” -Former OPP, Vincent Gircys

Former Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Officer, Vincent Gircys, Police For Freedom Canada President, speaks from the protest at Toronto Police Headquarters, 40 College St., on Saturday about “the tremendous embarrassment for multiple levels of govt” being exposed through the inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Measures Act and the intentionally false and dangerous misinformation provided to the police officers on the ground during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy.

Gircys later expresses his bewilderment on the compliant police forces that have abandoned their critical thinking to enforce unscientific mandates that contradict the Police Services oath, opines on the Ottawa Police Constable Helen Grus who’s “facing a charge of Discreditable Conduct after investigating unexplained deaths of children with potential links to the Covid 19 vaccines,” and much more…

2 thoughts on “Emergencies Act A “Tremendous Embarrassment For Multiple Levels of Govt” -Former OPP, Vincent Gircys”

  1. Thanks for all you have done Vincent. Sadly too many cops were unable to separate their own needs from the needs of those they are hired to serve and protect. To bully, assault, illegally imprison peaceful and peace loving Canadians is a scourge and the few that trusted those in blue have lost faith in them. They are just as guilty as any other criminal involved in this genocide program. May they rot in hell!!!

  2. Thank you standing up to this federal-govt. driven tyranny, and huge kudos to Helen for speaking her truth. I hope there is a fund somewhere to pay her legal bills and have her reinstated…..she seems to be one of the few honest, caring officers out there in la-la land. What a mess we have all ended up in. Oakville, Ontario

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