Dr. Rochagné Kilian Gives Toronto City Councillors Real Vaccine Data

At today’s Toronto Board of Health meeting, Dr. Rochagné Kilian, MD, Family & Emergency Medicine including infectious disease epidemics, said “I challenged Dr. Eileen de Villa’s report handed to the Board of Health…her theoretical medicine and one-trick pony approach to a complex medical situation with the following scientifically proven facts.”

And from there forward, she continued to provide scientifically proven data regarding the failure and harms of Covid-19 vaccines. Dr. Kilian’s full submitted document with references can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Rochagné Kilian Gives Toronto City Councillors Real Vaccine Data”

  1. I too used to think viruses were real until I actually decided to do my own personal research which I highly recommend everybody does. I challenge anyone to debunk any of this information I share but don’t even bother wasting my time if you can’t substantiate all your claims with documented scientific medical material facts.




    There has always been and always will be different strains and variations of viruses, exosomes, bacteriophages, and all the other particles included.
    Therefore, there are no special treatments to treat a so-called disease that is based on a virus that doesn’t even exist. There is no 98 to 99% recovery rate, or whatever percentage is being manufactured, from a virus that doesn’t even exist. There are no new cases because there has never been a single case yet if you’re reporting truth and fact. There are no new strains or variations of the fake covid-19 because there is no novel virus because it still has not been isolated which is impossible to do if it doesn’t even exist.

    CDC has openly admitted that this so-called virus has not even been isolated. The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020. Look on page 42 titled “Performance Characteristics.”
    Link: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download
    You will notice right on CDC publication that CDC even admits that human RNA, DNA, and A549 cells were used to mimic a supposed virus that wasn’t yet isolated and the RT-PCR diagnostic was used to create all the false positives on purpose and so many people are very ignorant of the facts and too lazy to do their own research and no longer have the ability to think critically, logically, reasonably, cognitively, rationally, so they are very gullible and naive to the fake news mainstream media with no questions asked because they have been programed and brainwashed through fear mongering all by design from the corrupt government, giant food, pharmaceutical, and medical corporations.

    What are A549 cells? We would be dead without them. http://www.a549.com

    Viruses do not have a nucleus!
    They are not living organisms!

    Viruses = Exosomes = bacteriophages = etc = etc = particles, particles, and more particles of all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

    Terrain Theory founded on fact = Factual steadfast pure unadulterated non-bias science vs Germ Theory founded on fraud = fake fluctuating adulterated pseudoscience!

    There are no scam covid-19 deaths because they still haven’t isolated the so-called virus and there is no patient zero and there never will be because none of it exists!

    In fact there are no deaths at all caused by any viruses because no one has ever yet isolated any deaths caused by any viruses or whatever that particular particle actually is.

    Everyone is already immune to viruses/exosomes because they’re already part of our biology. You don’t even need an immunity against something that’s already dead and part of the immune system but the real problem is all the toxins, chemicals, molds, fungi, heavy metals, and harmful parasites and organisms in the water and air, GMO foods, chemical radio waves like 3G, 4G, 5G, microwaves, chemtrails, etc, etc, which destroys the body and breaks it down thus destroying the immune system and making the body very toxic, acidic, and prone to diseases. It’s called the corona effect when the body starts to display symptoms. If there are indeed patients suffering from certain Corona symptomatologies then maybe some of the certain drugs that are given can help to accelerate the detoxification process but the viruses are still there because you can’t kill something that’s already dead. Viruses/exosomes are an immune response to detoxify the body from all the poisons, toxins, chemicals, and acids excreted from the cells purging the body and then attaches to these poisons, toxins, chemicals, and acids and acts as a natural detergent to flush the body thus preventing oxidation and massive toxicity. Viruses/exosomes are a good thing. We would be deed without them. We need them to keep us alive. The interstitium is the largest organ of the body and if it is compromised and toxic then your body’s environment is at serious risk. Purify the Interstitial fluids and your immune system will be at its peak. This is key.

    All Vaccinations are useless against something that is already part of the biological immune system!
    Most drugs are also useless just the same as vaccines for the fact that they’re all based on the Germ Theory hoax!
    No cure for so-called diseases that don’t exist, never have, and never will.
    You do not need Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, or any other so-called miracle cure to cure something that can’t be cured because it doesn’t exist. Germ Theory is the whole foundation of the covid-19 scamdemic because it can never address any root cause of any type of disease or sickness. As long as the Germ Theory is the focus of any underlying health problem then the root cause will never be addressed because Germ Theory is based only on the after affect of the body’s immune system purging from poisons, toxins, chemicals, acids, etc, only to maintain proper ph balance, and naturally alkalize to prevent disease and sickness. The longer people keep believing this virus crap than the longer this idiotic nonsense will perpetuate. Stop talking their filthy language about deadly verses that don’t exist and it will eventually vanish and the fake news lamestream media will find it more difficult to push their filthy idiotic narrative that makes no sense and never adds up.

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    09. What is a virus? Could it just be another name for exosome?

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    13. EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW. https://rumble.com/vk2bya-exclusive-dr.-david-martin-just-ended-covid-fauci-doj-politicians-in-one-in.html

    14. Virus Mania. https://archive.org/details/virus-mania-how-the-medical-industry-continually-invents-epidemics

    15. The “Virus” Pandemic Is A Farce: Drs. Thomas Cowan And Andrew Kaufman Interviewed by Mike Adams.

    16. Christine Massey reveals to the Health Ranger: Covid-19 “virus” has NEVER been isolated and shown to cause disease.

  2. Beyond tragic what is happening to this world with this “gene-therapy” shot and the powers that be that are doing this have definitely forgotten the statement “To Thine Own Self Be True” but Dr. Kilian is a Warrior and Hero to stand up for the truth. I am surprised that she was even able to speak. No DISSENT is allowed, no TRUTH is allowed JUST A BRAIN WASHING OF HUMANITY. Good ole BIG PHARMA the greed at the end of all this is mind boggling (if there is even an end or just a life time of Boosters) and now the children Whew! (Hey, why not more money). The evidence is so over whelming and they have the poster child in Israel and yet they continue unabated. – how can we stop this – I pray daily.

  3. Kudos to these brave men and women of medicine that are speaking up against this evil tyranny being imposed upon all Canadians. The fact that the number speaking out is so low is saddening and terrifying all at the same time. I would suggest these brave few open up their own clinic and charge for health care. I would pay for care I know is truly interested in the well-being of its people as opposed to aiding and abetting criminals all sold off to the highest bidder.

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