Despite Minimal Covid Deaths, All-Cause Mortality Spiked in Netherlands -Prof. Theo Schetters

(Brussels, Belgium) A day after experts from around the world spoke in the E.U. Parliament at the International Covid Summit 3, I caught up with Dutch Prof. Theo Schetters, PhD, involved in vaccine development for 40 years, to discuss the compelling Dutch data showing a spike in all-cause mortality after Covid-19 deaths had already levelled off.

Having registered vaccines through the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Prof. Schetters explains how the experimental Covid shots merely ticked trial data boxes without providing any useful data. Rather than properly performing separate trial phase studies, data from the phase 1 trials were used in the phase 2 and how they stand as the most likely cause of the excess deaths in 2022. In this May-4-2023 interview, Prof. Schetters also shares his thoughts on how to respectfully talk with the vaccinated about the harrowing data, disarming them and gently helping them to understand the stark reality of the injections.

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