[INTERVIEW] Covid Vaccines Driving Dangerous Variants & Immune Suppression -Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, Vaccinologist

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(Vienna, Austria -Sept 19, 2022) Covid ‘vaccine’-induced antibodies are wreaking havoc on the immune systems of the vaccinated and, unbeknownst to many scientists, driving more virulent Omicron variants, says world-class vaccinologist and virologist, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (website, Twitter). And while many unvaccinated are profiting from infection, strained immune systems and subsequent natural immunity, many of the vaccinated find themselves more susceptible to reinfection as well as other diseases, like recurrences of cancers, herpetic diseases and microbial diseases, that is, “a shift from antibody-dependent enhancement of infection–what we have right now–to antibody-dependent enhancement of severe disease.”

The mRNA gene therapy is also causing an unusual and paradoxical hyper-immunity that is “very fragile and temporary,” where cytotoxic T cells (cells capable of killing pathogens) are activated almost continuously and thus “protecting against disease altogether.”

Join us for this fascinating interview with Dr. Bossche, as he discusses

-how the virus–as he’d predicted–is evolving in dangerous and unprecedented ways for the health of our species
-how newborn cohorts cause a gap in herd immunity, previously established for childhood diseases, by vaccinating them against those diseases (and where population herd immunity already exists) and how we can close that gap
-how he’s responded to the attacks on him and other experts by unqualified scientists and journalists
…and more.


Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:00:00] Every 12 hours, the virus puts a new generation on the globe. And so these statements, “We are going to stay ahead of the virus,” statements like this are truly an insult to science. We know that the most recent strains of Omicron variants are more virulent–that has been shown, published in peer-reviewed journals. You have those vaccinees that, because of the effect of the vaccine, get immune suppressed and that are developing cancers, herpetic diseases, microbial diseases.

Glen Jung: [00:00:39] Enjoy this interview with Dr. Vanden Bossche from Vienna, Austria. And please support independent media at BrightLightNews.com. We’re thrilled to be here again with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. We’re in Vienna, Austria, at the close of the Better Way Conference. And thank you again so much, Dr. Vanden Bossche, for joining us.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:00:55] It’s my pleasure.

Glen Jung: [00:00:56] Yes. So, we last time we saw each other was in Bath, and you had talked about the increasing morbidity and mortality that you’re unfortunately expecting to see with these vaccines. What is the latest science that you’ve been talking about?

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:01:11] Well, the latest science is that the virus is continuing to escape, escape from the immune pressure that we are putting.

Glen Jung: [00:01:20] Dr. Vanden Bossche explains immune pressure here in a previous interview.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:01:24] The pressure is, in fact, the antibodies that are induced because of the vaccine. So, these are the vaccine-induced antibodies that are not capable of preventing the infection. So, they cannot prevent the virus from replicating, from transmitting, but will put immune pressure on the virus. That’s what immune what immune pressure is about. The interesting thing is two things. First of all, that this is not very obvious to most people, even to our public health authorities. It doesn’t seem to be obvious that the virus is still evolving and in a direction that is not really desirable. Why is this? Well, first of all, because the unvaccinated, especially in highly vaccinated countries, their immune system get better and better trained because the virus is circulating. And, whereas at the beginning, some of us, even many of us got the disease got ill, not necessarily severe disease, of course. Now their immune system is strained, and they are doing very well. Most of us. On the other hand, in the vaccinated people, there is also a very interesting evolution going on and that is that whereas previously the vaccines were protecting against severe disease, they are now increasingly also protecting against disease altogether. So, what that means is that many vaccinees don’t even get ill either. Of course, you have those vaccinees that because of the effect of the vaccine, get immune suppressed and that are developing other diseases.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:03:12] We know about this recurrences of cancer, other diseases, herpetic diseases, other microbial diseases. So, these are typically the people who come to the hospital with COVID, but not because of COVID. Now it is, immunologically speaking, a quite complex mechanism that is providing this additional protection to the vaccinees. I’m not going to explain this in detail. I do this in articles, etc. But what I can tell for sure is that this type of protection is very unusual. We have not seen this before. It has never been elicited by vaccines before. It is very fragile, and it is temporary. And, in fact, it is due to antibodies, basically infection-enhancing antibodies that we know prevail in the sera of vaccinees when the neutralizing capacity is diminishing and we know that the neutralizing capacity is diminishing. So, these antibodies are help the vaccinees to overcome an event that we call transinfection. It’s basically cells that absorb the virus at the upper respiratory tract that are then migrating to the lungs. And from there the virus is transferred to susceptible lung cells. And this transfer that we call transinfection is what causes severe disease. You know the infection-enhancing antibodies that enhance the infection at the upper respiratory tract are still able to prevent this transinfection. And by doing that, of course, they prevent severe disease.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:05:03] So, that means in other…and severe disease-causing severe disease or disease, that’s what we call virulence. Virulence of the virus. So, in other words, the infection-enhancing antibodies are now, in fact, exerting immune pressure on viral virulence. And the virus will overcome this. That is very, very clear. But so far, we don’t see this. And the virus that remains in the body still gets cleared by cytotoxic T cells. So, these are T-cells that are capable of killing the virus. So, what does that mean? So, that means that the cytotoxic T cells that kill the virus and eliminate virus-infected cells are basically almost activated all the time. Why? Because the infection-enhancing antibodies make vaccinees more susceptible for infection. So, they get re infected all the time and hence the cytotoxic T cells that have the task to clear virus infected cells are activated it all the time. So, they get activated to a degree that basically they are even capable to eliminate now these virus-infected cells at a very early stage of infection. So, that prevents disease, in fact, all together. But as I was saying, this is very temporary and fragile, but it explains why we are now having a kind of situation where even W.H.O., etc., are declaring, “Guys, we are out of the woods. Look, I mean, COVID is calming down.”

WHO Gen. Dir. Tedros Ghebreyesus: [00:06:36] Last week, the number of weekly reported deaths from Covid-19 was the lowest since March 2020. We are not there yet. But the end is in sight.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:06:53] The unvaccinated, you know, people don’t talk a lot about the unvaccinated, but they are very well protected. But also, the vaccinees are now, in fact, benefiting from the highest level of protection they ever had because it’s no longer protecting against severe disease. But because of the strong activation of the cytotoxic T cells, those are even able now to eliminate virus infection and prevent disease at a very early stage of infection of the cell. And that that protects them even against mild symptoms to a large extent. So, we have a virus that is now evolving very dramatically. And by the way, by the way, we know that the most recent strains of Omicron variants, I should say, are more virulent–that has been shown, published in peer-reviewed journals–that the virulence has increased but in vitro in the test tube, not yet in the presence of the infection-enhancing antibodies, those you have in vivo. But in vitro, the virus has already acquired these more virulent properties. So, this clearly demonstrates that the virus is continuing to evolve. It also illustrates that it is evolving towards higher virulence. Right. And that is that is the kind of evolution that is not really perceived right now. But, on the other hand, it’s very, very clear that the infection rate is still very high.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:08:25] We have, for the reasons I was just explaining, more and more asymptomatic infections. Right. Hence the infection rate is dramatically underreported because these people are typically not tested. And, hence, we are sitting in a situation right now where we have a very high infection rate and where on the other hand, people seem to be more better and better protected against disease. Right? So, this is something that is very, very strange because remember, during a natural pandemic, you can have a high infection rate, but then, of course, the transmission, the infection rate, diminishes very dramatically. And in the end, it is completely under control. That is, when the virus transitions into what we call endemicity. Right? That is not the evolution we are seeing right now. Public health authorities are saying, well, look, I mean, virus is under control because, of course, during a natural pandemic, if the transmission rate infection rate diminishes automatically the disease and mortality rate is going to decrease as well. But now we have a situation where hospitalization rates, severe disease mortality is decreasing pretty low. I’m talking I’m very clearly talking always about disease due to COVID here. When I talk about disease, it’s a disease due to COVID. But it is not a consequence of the transmission rate that has diminished.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:09:56] That cannot be because we don’t have herd immunity. Right. So there is no herd immunity with a high infection rate. Nevertheless, we have a very low mortality morbidity. So, that is the insidious evolution that is going on right now and which is posing a tremendous challenge in a sense that normally, during a natural pandemic, you have this kind of very sound, I would say, balance between the kind of damage that the virus is doing and, you know, the immune defense the immune system is fighting back. As I was saying, during a natural pandemic, there is some damage. There is people, you know, some people die, etc. But then the immune system of the population by herd immunity is keeping these things under control. So all in all, you have a very sound balance. And, certainly, during endemicity where you may still from time to time have a surge, if there is a gap in herd immunity. But then immediately when the virus tries to spread, the other people still have natural immunity. So that is balanced. We have completely disturbed this balance and, hence, we are now–that is something I really convinced of–we are now facing the threat that the virus or that we will that we will transition from a situation that is, I would say, white, where things are pretty with regard to COVID disease,

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:11:21] right, are pretty fine unvaccinated, vaccinated, to black. That could happen when this highly infectious virus, well, the virus itself is not highly infectious because of the infection-enhancing antibodies in the vaccinees that is highly infectious virus breaks through the last obstacle, the last hurdle of defense, which I just told is temporary and fragile and may enable virulence. So, that means that you will shift from antibody-dependent enhancement of infection–what we have right now–to antibody-dependent enhancement of severe disease. And so that is what I predict based on my analysis of how the virus is evolving, the dynamics, and how the immune system is following, so to say. But it cannot it cannot keep up with the virus. I explained this multiple times: every 12 hours the virus put a new generation on the globe. And so, these statements, “We are going to stay ahead of the virus,” statements like this are truly an insult to science. Right. And it is, I guess, only when this thing will happen that mankind will realize the kind of damage that I have been doing by massively, massively disturbing a kind of equilibrium that has been shaped over millions of years. I’m not saying just for COVID, but, in general. The way our immune system has learned to cope with pathogens and the way pathogens have learned to take advantage of the host of a human being or an animal to proliferate and to spread, but in a way that they don’t eradicate the population.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:13:25] We are massively disturbing an equilibrium that has proved to be beneficial both for the pathogen and for the host in a way that there is not too much damage to the host in terms of the population, and that the virus or the pathogen is given an opportunity to still spread and exist and survive while being under control of the immunity of the population. The typical herd immunity that from time to time can have a gap. And then, of course, the virus comes back, but it’s immediately tamed again by the remaining immunity in the population. And I wanted to say very importantly, because people should know that I’m not an anti-vaxxer. That is the reason why we vaccinate our children, the sort of measles, mumps, rubella, etc. For those diseases, we do have group herd immunity. But when the newborns automatically provoke a gap in that herd immunity, so, by immunizing them, we close that gap and we preserve the herd immunity. And this is the way we keep these things under control. Right?

Glen Jung: [00:14:40] So it’s astonishing what you’re saying. We are talking about the dismissal of basic virology, biology 101 by the public health officials in government. And you’re taking us on a deep dive. You touched on it but didn’t go too far. But I mean, what you’re saying is there’s catastrophic harms coming from these. Why is it that these public health officials and government officials and the mainstream media are not delving into this and they’re not looking at it, and rather, rather than doing what they should do for the benefit of the public, they’re vilifying people. Why do you think they’re doing that? And how is your experience been personally in terms of the attacks?

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:15:20] With regard to the attacks, I must say at the very beginning, of course, you become a little bit emotional because we are not used. So we are used to open debate. We are used to heavily criticizing each other verbally or challenging, I should say, scientifically challenging, but not to the type of attacks that we were exposed. Now, on the other hand, I, very soon, early on realized that these attacks were coming from people who, in fact, have no clue. Journalists, that some of them have never, ever been exposed to science even and/or even scientists. But who have no background in this field, really. I mean, it could be, for example, you know, an orthopedic surgeon, somebody from a medical viewpoint has a huge influence on the population because people say, “This guy’s not just a medical doctor. Look, he’s a specialist. He has deep expertise, surgery, cardiology, etc., etc.” So, these people have a tremendous influence on the population and on the medical field. But when you ask them, well, you know, with all respect for his expertise or her expertise, what does this person know in terms of virology? What is this person known in terms of immunology? We all agree everybody agrees that this is about a virus, the immune system influenced by. Thanks. So, what is he supposed to know about vaccinology? We know that these things are evolving.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:16:54] Look at the dominant variants that are changing all the time. So evolutionary biology may also be important. I’m already mentioning four fields. These people, it’s not in their curriculum, right? They have no they have no clue. And so, with that I make. So. So that means that in fact, that has not really disturbed me a lot. I mean, I was like very soon above all this. Right? And, I must say, it would have hurt me if somebody from the vaccine industry where I learned my job would have told me, “Geert, what you are saying is nonsense, because look this and this and this and this.” I can tell you; I’ve not been criticized by any person working in the vaccine industry. They know what I’m talking about. I’m saying that’s what where I learned my job. This is the only place on earth, because of the money, where you manage to get the best experts in immunology and virology and vaccinology and biology, you name it, and you have them sitting around the same table. If you want the best virologist, you you ask him what his salary is at the university, and you triple it, if needed. They’re going to come, and you put him around the same table. And this multidisciplinary approach is completely missing in the minds of public health authorities, etc. They have, you know, many people and I understand this are inclined to think about conspiracy, and it was all intentional, etc., etc.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:18:27] I’m still convinced that to a large extent it has to do with a kind of stupid dumbness, right? Not being able to have an approach that is directed at solving problems and solving complex problems, at solving problems that in fact covers several different fields that you have to bring together. I was just trying to explain how the virus with the immune system in harmony, more or less, then you come with its vaccines. How this disturbs, etc. You have, you don’t have to be the expert in every single field, but you have to have the capacity to put the pieces of these different puzzles that come from different several different disciplines together. So in my mind, it’s just impossible that public health authorities have not even realized that if you start vaccinating people massively, they need to mount immune responses. Typically vaccines are stimulating the adaptive immunity. And that takes time. That’s the reason why we need boosters. It takes several different weeks. At the same time, while these people have still not matured their antibody response, you are exposing them. That’s the definition of a pandemic. The virus is everywhere and spread. You expose them to a virus that you very well know the vaccine and immune response that it induces will not be able to prevent the spread.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:20:02] And, of course, every virus I was saying every 12 hours it put a new generation on the globe. Of course, in this new generation there is mutants always, of course. Right? And the mutants that happen, that happen to be able to overcome the pressure that is put on the virus, they will be selected because they have a competitive advantage. And then you pass on that virus to somebody else who is vaccinated, who comes with the same hostile environment to the virus but is not able to prevent the spread and the infection. The virus that already got competitive advantage in the one person now gets the same competitive advantage in the other person. Why? At the end of the day, in all of the population, when the population is highly vaccinated. So that is something it has to do with lack of knowledge, lack of insight. Our, the scientific community that is focused like all many other branches in our society, on being highly specialized, on being focused on technologies, on having forgotten about biology. They are in their silos and they are no longer able, you know, to bring several different disciplines together with other words. They publish, they have many papers in peer-reviewed journals, etc., but they have never, ever learned to solve a problem. That is very, very different from writing publications, etc.

Glen Jung: [00:21:37] So, for you, your mission has been to stick to the science. This is kind of the way you’ve been able to avoid the attacks since the initial attacks, correct?

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:21:46] Well, it is. It seems like this works in terms of avoiding attacks, etc. I could not do otherwise because, first of all, I don’t like to talk about things that I’m not sure of. I’m a scientist. If I don’t see the data or if I don’t know for sure that I can rely, fully rely, on my knowledge and my expertise, that I gathered in several different of these fields over the last 30, 35 years, then I prefer not to voice my opinion. People can always have an opinion, etc. I prefer not to do this, and I prefer to stick purely to the science because what I’m saying is this: The concept and this experiment, what it really is, is so profoundly wrong already from the conceptual view or from the design, from the design. It’s so, it’s so wrong that I don’t need to go somewhere else to find additional arguments or whatever. The science here is so incredibly strong to be able to completely undermine, so to say, the foundation of and the justification, the rationale, so to say, of this mass vaccination approach. Now, as a matter of fact, one has also to say that it’s a little bit cynical to say this, but from a scientific viewpoint, it’s also extremely daunting, challenging.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:23:19] It’s probably the most challenging topic I’ve ever been studying my whole professional career. So, in other words, I you know, I don’t like to say this, but it’s, of course, scientifically speaking, highly interesting. This is unprecedented. It’s completely unprecedented. So, the complexity is also very high. It’s very sophisticated. So, purely concentrating on the science and trying or trying to follow what’s going on with the virus, the dynamics, the evolutionary dynamics and how the immune system responds, etc. This also explains why we are seeing these different evolutions of the pandemic. It is requiring a lot of time and a lot of energy, and I simply don’t have time to, you know, to go somewhere else and to explore other things than the pure science. Now, as a matter of fact, as you were pointing out, that has also be my pleasant observation that obviously, since I’m doing this, yeah, I’m not getting any criticism. I’m no longer fact checked or whatever. Even if I got fact checked, I would no longer react. But sticking to the science, I’m I’m pretty sure that many of my articles are read by people who have also this deep knowledge and who probably know also very well realize that we have done something that is completely but completely wrong.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:24:42] And the thing that is most dramatic is that we are doing this at large scale. If you mess up with the immune system in a small part of the population, of course, this can be have very bad consequences for the health of that part of the population. But it’s never going to put that kind of pressure on the virus so that you get a very fast evolution that goes in the direction. Where the virus is. I will win this battle and that is definitely what’s going to happen. We see all these different parties fighting with each other right now, but people seem to forget that the only organism that is really in charge of this and that will decide on the outcome of this madness is the virus and nothing else but the virus. So that’s why I put up the other day this slide with the three dogs, when two dogs are fighting for a bone, what is happening then? The third one takes the bone and takes off with it. Right? And that is the immune escape. That is the virus. And that will definitely happen. This is that this is to mean crystal clear.

Glen Jung: [00:25:53] You know, when you were speaking, what I just imagined is we have this one population of humans now that are vaccinated, taking these experimental injections, who are now compromised in terms of their health and their ability to fight infection going forward, disease going forward…who knows about their progeny if they’re also going to be damaged and compromised as well? Then you have this other group who are unvaccinated, who are almost going to become like another subspecies of humans, right? In terms of their health, their ability to fight disease.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:26:21] Yeah, this is already the case. I’m the last person who would talk about discriminating vaccinees or unvaccinated. I’m always repeating my heart goes out to the to the vaccinated people because you know they all did for the best, of course. But even though I would avoid, you know, at any level to discriminate people, there can be no doubt, there can be no doubt that the immune status of a vaccinee is meanwhile fundamentally different from the immune status of an unvaccinated person. And the other thing, this is a general rule that nobody can deny this. You can only tame a pandemic. You can only end the pandemic provided you generate herd immunity. And there is no herd immunity without natural immunity. So, natural immunity means the trained innate immune system, immunity, where, nevertheless, despite training, the virus breaks through that innate immunity, you will have antibodies and it is both trained innate immunity and the complementary adaptive immunity that provides for natural immunity that is sterilizing. It’s the only way that you can have sterilizing immunity during a pandemic. It’s the only way you can fight an enemy, despite the fact that you only start loading your weapon while already being on the battlefield. So, that is so efficient is natural immunity. Without that, we have no herd immunity. Without herd immunity, you don’t end the pandemic. Yes, the virus will , you know, end the pandemic itself when it has managed to have a population, to end up with a population, that has sufficient herd immunity to keep it under control. Now, you can translate this into what does that mean for the unvaccinated? What does that mean for the vaccinees? And I’m saying there is only one other way to complement this herd immunity, and that is really that vaccinated people, vaccinees, will treat themselves with antivirals because, on the one hand, to tame the pandemic.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:28:54] I was telling, you know, you have to diminish the infection rate and prevent the transmission. The natural way of doing this is when the population acquires herd immunity. If you prevent the vast majority of the people from generating that herd immunity, then, of course, they are no longer going to be able to provide a sterilizing immunity, unless you treat them with antivirals. Then, of course, that has nothing to do with immunity. But that type of antiviral defense could be complementary with the herd immunity that the unvaccinated have and could suffice; both together to diminish the infectious pressure of the virus so that, you know, the viral infection will be will be under control. And that is why the only priority that I still have is to prevent children from being vaccinated because they are not yet contaminated by the vaccine. Because remember, once you are primed, Omicron is circulating like hell. So, it is recalling these antibodies all the time. It’s like a natural vaccine that is circulating all the time. The children don’t have that problem, on one hand. On the other hand, they have fantastic innate immunity that can mature into full-fledged natural immunity that fully contributes, you know, all of this population. Every single child almost contributes to herd immunity. Right. So that is so important. That is really the only hope and still have that nobody will touch our children. But it’s already ongoing unfortunately.

Glen Jung: [00:30:35] As much as I hear the science and your expertise coming out and you’re one of the world’s top, if not top virologist, vaccinologist, this combination of expertise, what I hear, coming through you and through everybody here at the at the Better Way Conference, is the love to protect other people and do your duty and your human duty to protect other people. So, for that reason, let me, on behalf of the world, take that liberty to say, “Thank you for everything you’re doing.” And it’s it’s been an incredible pleasure and joy to hear the science and just feel this humanity coming out in you. Because through this, we’re going to win this.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: [00:31:07] Well, again, I’m also thanking you because yourself and all the alternative media that are trying to cover this thing and trying to share our insights with people because we can bring all this knowledge to the table, our expertise. But if the message doesn’t get conveyed, then it doesn’t help. So, thank you. Thank you as well.

Glen Jung: [00:31:29] Thank you.

Glen Jung: [00:31:32] Mainstream media is not bringing you the truth-telling experts like we are, but we urgently need your help to bring you more. Please support independent media. Donate today at BrightLightNews.com or send any transfer to Gord@BrightLightNews.com. And thanks for watching.

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