Canadian Truckers Bring Peace, Love and Freedom

Freedom Convoy 2022 brought out the best in Canadians in Ottawa over the weekend, as rally participants took part in a special event inspired by a common vision: freedom.

Despite the mainstream media’s attempts to paint a white nationalist picture, a multicultural cast of truckers and supporters comported themselves with dignity, peace and love. Passionate Canadians put the best of themselves on display for the world to see.
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7 thoughts on “Canadian Truckers Bring Peace, Love and Freedom”

  1. Looks like they’re finally planning to turf Erin O’Toole. That’s good news. Pierre Poilievre for leader, anyone?

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    Chicken Little (1972) – “The sky is falling, the sky is falling !!!”.
    CBC News (2022) – “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming !!!”.

  4. The combined impacts of Omicron and COVID-19 variants currently in circulation have net Health impacts like those of the Flu. None-the-less our Liberal Gov’t is considering implementing restrictions that will require Truckers to provide proof of vaccination to cross BETWEEN PROVINCES.
    Do you think it is possible that the Federal Gov’t believes the only way it can get itself out of the mess it has created will be to deliberately trigger Violence?

    1. In other words doubling down on the draconian restrictions they have imposed with no facts behind their actions? Yes, I do believe they are more than capable! Jagmeet Singh and Truedeau have already attempted to divide and pit the population against each other using hate speech. These are not leaders, these are power mongering, wanna be dictators who have attempted and are attempting a genocidal coup before all the facts of their actions can be brought before international courts.

        OPEN LAWFARE … A live demonstration.
        There is no doubt what-so-ever that ANTIFA will attend the continuation of the FAITH GOLDY Mayoral Campaign Audit hearing, sponsored by ANTIHATE.CA (Evan Balgord and Bernie Farber) at Toronto City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square on Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022 (time still uncertain). Evan himself was too COWARDLY to appear at the first hearing and it is not obvious if other ANTIFA members will identify themselves this time ‘round, but they will be there.
        If you’d like to get a better understanding of how LAWFARE works in Canada come, and watch as Evan, a former employee of current Mayor John Tory, and Bernie Farber Director of ANTIHATE.CA, do their very best to earn the large quantities of funding provided by the American Marxist SPLC organization.
        BEST GUESS … the hearings will likely begin in a 2nd floor meeting room around 10 AM.

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