Canada/US Border Blocked by Freedom Convoy 2022

Over the past couple nights, Canadian truckers have blocked the major trade routes at the Canada/US border. Farmers driving heavy agricultural equipment, including tractors, shut down the border between Manitoba and the US. Most significantly, the Ambassador Bridge, connecting Windsor, ON, and Detroit, MI, was blocked and accounts for 25% of all trade between Canada and the US–amounting to billions of dollars in trade.

8 thoughts on “Canada/US Border Blocked by Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. I have kept my studio open for all to come. Status is not required to attend. There is not an outside voice that can decide who comes to my studio to move, breathe, and enjoy community and learn yoga. I pay the way for the studio, and the gov’t. has no say in who can improve their health in a community space. Many students who have returned, are moving out of, or dealing with depression. These women are educated people who do not have an understanding of what is being done to their rights. For this reason, I have decided for them what will contribute to their health. They want to attend, yet, there is a guilt they feel that they are not complying. Let us continue to reveal how we will think for ourselves. Let us know each day that what we are here to do is to live from self-agency, to say what is important to us. We will continue to find ways that work. We will continue to support freedom and how we can create patterns and systems of care that work. Thank you to all the Truckers. You are a bunch of visionaries with big big balls.

    1. Good comments Celesta. The best way to get through this is to ignore the criminals who think they are superior to the rest of us and get on with our lives. A good session of yoga is exactly what we all need. Fortunately my wife is an instructor so I get free classes!

    1. Ford is a discussing example of a leader along with most of the other premiers and politicians. We have seen who the real caring leaders are, the doctors pastors, scientist and other people who actually care about their fellow citizens and know the difference between right and wrong. These are the future leaders we need.

  2. Absolutely..the movement should be named “FREEDOM AND JUSTICE CONVOY…Will there be JUSTICE for the crimes perpetrated against humanity?

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  4. It is all that we have to make those politicians that chose tyranny over freedom be held accountable.
    Turdo and all those in halls of power -including Premiers and Health Ministers-have the last two years of injustice to answer for.
    Canadians are speaking and we’ve had enough of the globalist psy-op,Turdo and Tam.
    Try,Indite and Fry as Stew Peters so eloquently puts it.

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