Canada Reserves Equivalent of 10 Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines for Each Canadian

According to CBC Télé Journal, the Canadian govt has reserved the equivalent of 10 doses of Covid-19 vaccines for each Canadian with various vaccine manufacturers.

8 thoughts on “Canada Reserves Equivalent of 10 Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines for Each Canadian”

    1. Then let`s ship you out of here. I don`t think they are having much luck vaccinating the Iraqi people. I think we should send you to an ISIS camp so you can think about your decision.

  1. While this is overkill I still believe its good they have enough so every Canadian has the opportunity to get the vax. What makes me mad is that tax payers money will go to waste since many of these will expire because of those fools who blindly refuse to get the vax. I just wish there was stronger measures to force them to get it (such as putting them in complete isolation or not allowing them in grocery stores or medical offices/hospitals). We need to Build Back Better and refusing to get the vax for selfish, self-centered reasons is not acceptable.

    While I like less government in normal times, its people who refuse the jab make it abosutlpy necessary for more government control. Its thanks to you people why we have so many measures in place, because you behave like little spoiled brats running around whining.

    Get the vax!

    1. Rog Whit, you are welcome to get my share of the vaccine lol. You should consider total and complete self-isolation if you are so scared, and the further away from people as possible.

    2. You’re pathetic..go dig your own hole.dive in, close it up and Iive forever in your own misery and darkness. .

    3. What is wrong with you ? Did you get dropped on your head as a baby ? It’s freedom, freedom of choice ! My body my choice if you comfortable taking the 18 month to make biological agent cause it’s not a vaccine they may call it that so people take it but far from a real vaccine . They’ve never ever made this type of experimental agent before ever it’s first time not only that but it was rolled way to fast they bypassed safety protocols to make it happen in eighteen months . It is not safe and it’s experimental you will die in the next years if it takes that long even . You no idea what you have done to yourself , and for to preach others to take it and force it on them is like your a Nazi . Do have any idea what is in it ? I bet no if you did some research you would be informed then. There is a industrial chemical in it called graphene oxide not to mention the spikes are not to found from a medical journal publication to reak havoc on your DNA it disrupts the nucleus of every cell and causes your cells to not repair themselves they in fact prohibit or block this natural process in the body . But hey if you wanna take it go ahead tale every booster too you deserve it. But don’t expect me or anyone else with half a brain to take it . You see I researched from the beginning of this pandemic I know it’s not safe to take besides it’s my body I will what I will and won’t take ! You can stuff that Nazi attitude where the sun don’t shine . We not whining spoiled little kids like you suggest we’re just informed and knowledgeable on particular vaccine they call it but it’s not . All the information I have and videos I watched were all drs, virologists and scientists very well know reputable people and medical journals across the world . They accurate sources and they more than you or anyone know this a bad thing . You just signed your death warrant by taking their toxic swill they call a vaccine . I guess the good thing is the dumb ones will all fall and die from which means I won’t have to tolerate short minded thinking from people like you. You uneducated on What you took truly you are. Just so you know I’m not against vaccines at all I’m not an anti-Vaxxer I’m just against what they rolled this time it’s no good toxic and millions are gonna die from it but that’s what the Rockefeller’s , rothchilds and all those other sick depraved devil worshipping global elites want us to die . You fed right into their plan thinking you were doing something good but uninformed you did it . You did it for them like suicide you did it for them. I will fight this till I die and at least when I do I did it my way on my beliefs and morals not what your pushing or trying to push you should be ashamed everyone on this has the right! everyone has the right to choose what they do with there body . So if government told you had to put your arm in a wood chipper to save your would you ? Probably you don’t think before you speak therefore what ever you say means absolutely nothing to anyone with a brain . Sorry for being so hard on ya but I’m sick people spouting off shit like you just did . Have a good day while you still have em ! Lol !

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