UPDATE: Unconfirmed Reports Dr. Byram Bridle Arrested for Spreading Misinformation

*UPDATE: Dr. Robert Malone says Dr. Bridle has not been arrested.

Steve Kirsch, journalist, tweeted that he received a phone call saying that Dr. Byram Bridle was arrested for spreading misinformation and questioned if the alleged arrest resulted from a clip of an interview that Dr. Bridle did with Glen Jung Oct. 8, 2022.

We have unsuccessfully reached out to Dr. Bridle. If the unconfirmed report is true, Canada has taken a large step towards totalitarian control of any govt narrative. Thus far, only elected officials that have opposed the narrative have been arrested, like Randy Hillier and Maxime Bernier; no scientists, doctors and/or professors have yet been arrested.

Here’s the FULL INTERVIEW of the clip that is now going viral with Dr. Byram Bridle from Oct. 8th.

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