[INTERVIEW] A Lipid Nanoparticle + Modified Gene Is a Nuclear Bomb -Dr Ryan Cole

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As a pathologist analyzing diseased body tissues, Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, (Twitter) has seen an alarming and wide-ranging increase in injuries from Covid-19 injections. Miscarriages, heart conditions, cancers, compromised immune function and death are just some of the harms of this “nuclear bomb” that Dr. Cole (rcolemd.com) is staking his career on to help make the public aware.

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*Filmed in Bath, England, at the #betterwayconference. We’d also like to extend a thank you to Oracle Films for their help on this shoot.


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All cause deaths in 18-to-64-year-olds up 40% (Jan. 1, 2022). Graph


Glen Jung: [00:00:00] Dr. Ryan Cole, thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:00:02] Thank you. Good to be here with you.

Glen Jung: [00:00:04] So Dr. Cole is a pathologist. He is a doctor’s doctor who helps come up with diagnoses for other health care providers examining bodies and body tissues. Dr. Cole, in your opinion, you have been looking at the vaccines. What is the greatest threat? What is the greatest harm that you’re seeing coming from this? Because you’ve been sharing some alarming data, becoming known as America’s heartthrob at the same time. What would you say is the thing that is most concerning to people?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:00:30] The most concerning thing is that we’re continuing on doing something that doesn’t work for something that doesn’t exist. So the shots have never been reformulated. They were made to cover Wuhan. Wuhan is gone. Omicron is here. The shots are now all risk, no benefit. This is a modality we’ve never used on humanity before. A lipid nanoparticle with a gene sequence in it. This is technically a gene based product. It is not a traditional vaccine. Traditionally, vaccines, even against coronaviruses, never worked. What we’re seeing with this are severe adverse reactions. Everybody hears about myocarditis. What they don’t hear is that a lipid nanoparticle plus a modified gene sequence is a nuclear bomb. It’s not just that this COVID shot is dangerous for people. It’s this platform of lipid nanoparticle plus gene sequence has never been proven before. And what we’re finding is immune suppression. We’re finding increase in cancer rates because of that immune suppression. We’re finding reactivation of viruses because of that immune suppression. And I won’t get into all the detailed mechanisms of why I’ve studied this. We’re seeing deaths from this shot at a rate higher than any medical product ever used on humanity before. None of these are approved. We’re literally doing the largest experiment on humanity ever done, not knowing the long term outcomes. We only have a year and a half’s data and we have in the very system 30,000 deaths, well over a million adverse reactions.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:02:11] We know that that system highly underreported in the euro vigilance data. We have millions of adverse reactions. We have countless, countless deaths from around the world. And in addition to that, we have all cause death higher now and those who have received these shots than those who didn’t. So we know there are very bad signals from this experimental therapy. And in addition to that, we know that this gene sequence, normally a message or a messenger RNA in our body. You’re making messages right now. I am. We’re making proteins all day long. That message goes away in a minute or two or sometimes an hour or two if you need to make more protein. What’s happening with this? It’s persisting in the body. Studies out of Stanford show it’s persisting at least 60 days. You mentioned my colleague Dr. Burkhardt in Germany. In his studies, he found that Spike still being deposited in blood vessel walls 120 days later. This is a dangerous product with no track record being used willy nilly on humanity for a virus that no longer exists, that does nothing but cause increased disease in those who now get additional series of these shots. So that’s a long winded answer, but those are all big concerns I have.

Glen Jung: [00:03:27] What are some of the greatest harms that you’re seeing in terms of pathology?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:03:31] The greatest harms are really across the board. That lipid nanoparticle is like garlic. Once you stick it in the arm, it goes anywhere in the body so it can damage the brain. Lipid nanoparticles were originally designed to take chemotherapy or potential gene agents to the brain. Where do you want not want a toxin replicating itself in your brain? So neurologic damage seems to be the highest one that we don’t hear about in the news. Everybody hears about heart damage. My biggest concern is what we are persistently, chronically doing to induce permanent organ damage in people that may never get that back. The children are putting this needle with this gene in their arm is nothing short of child abuse anywhere in the world. Wrong shot, wrong protein, wrong virus with a lipid nanoparticle that we don’t know where it’s going to land. We do know it goes to their ovaries. We do know that these kids most have had COVID. You never give a vaccine to someone who’s recovered from a disease scientifically illogical. So brain, heart, any organ, don’t touch the children. It’s abuse.

Glen Jung: [00:04:48] Now, there is a substance. There’s an ingredient in there.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:04:51] Oh, polyethylene glycol 2000. Right.

Glen Jung: [00:04:53] Which has been meant and created to evade the body’s own immune system.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:04:57] Correct. But about seven. 80 to 80% of people already have an antibody against polyethylene glycol. So when you hear of individuals dying immediately after they’re shot, it’s because they’re already pre primed with an allergy to polyethylene glycol. So again, there are particles in these lipids that if you if you read the data from Acuitas in Canada, that makes the majority of the world’s lipid nanoparticles. They indicate clearly not for human use, for research only. And meanwhile, they’re using them on billions of people around the world.

Glen Jung: [00:05:35] What’s scary is I think a lot of people realize that the spike protein is causing harm, but also the lipid nanoparticle is something that. Yeah. And now it’s both factors. And what are you seeing with the spike protein in terms of how it’s affecting the immune system and people’s health?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:05:48] Sure. The spike protein gets into your very important immune cells, your T cells. Studies out of Sweden showed that it gets in there and inhibits the ability for DNA repair and that leaves two pathways in the cell either self destruction, apoptosis or mutation. We’re seeing an increase of leukemias in blood cancers. After the rollout of these shots, the spike protein gets into mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of your cell and neural tissues. And when that happens now, your cells can’t breathe properly and can’t make appropriate membranes for themselves, can’t make appropriate proteins, can’t breathe properly, which means these cells are equivalent to the respiratory effect of a brain tumor. So we know it’s damaging those as well. That spike protein can get into your liver cells as well. We know that the sequence itself can reverse transcribe in vitro studies, can reverse transcribe and become part of your DNA. If it can do it in the liver, it can do it in any part of your body. We don’t have the studies to prove that yet because nobody’s funding them. That spike protein induces the same inflammation in the heart, in the lungs and the kidneys and the liver and the bone marrow that the disease itself was causing. And now we’re giving a sequence to make individuals bodies a spike protein toxin factory. Now, any cell that makes that spike now becomes a target of your own immune system. Now, your natural killer cells come in to destroy your own cells. The spike is the toxin, and we made a shot that makes your body the toxin factory.

Glen Jung: [00:07:36] It’s incredible to think about the fact that the spike is the toxin. The virus we also believe touched by the hand of man is also a toxin.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:07:42] Yes.

Glen Jung: [00:07:43] Based on the the problem and the solution, both manufactured, we’re looking at chilling dark times for humanity. It’s incredible to walk around here in Bath and have this collection of amazing experts. These brilliant minds come together. Meanwhile, the people outside are asleep to what’s actually happening going on about their business here in Bath, taking pictures. You know, when you think about that, what what goes through your mind when you see all these people still asleep to what’s actually happening?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:08:09] Well, the irony of the word bath that induces the thought of cleanliness, nice bath, the most washed part of the body in the last year is not the hands, it’s been the brain. So much brainwashing and censorship has really inhibited the amount of truth that people can get. Most people, if they knew these things I’m sharing with you about these side effects, my sin in the media has been just like Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough and other colleagues. Dr. Van Den Bosch is we were prescient. We saw this in happening before it occurred. We knew all these bad effects were potential, and now they’re proven. The problem is even wanting to be a voice of warning, we’re suppressed and censored. And so I I’m grateful. A lot of people are fine for now. Then they now have a bad antibody that can be their enemy in the future. I’m hoping the things that Geert and I are predicted don’t come true, but at the same time, not sharing truth with the people is a bad thing. I say, where do you earn trust in life? Very simple truth, plus transparency equals trust. And if you’re not truthful and transparent, then there is no reason to trust. Be it a government, be it a health agency, be it a business, be it a family member, etc. It’s a very simple principle in life. The people haven’t been given the truth. The companies absolutely haven’t been transparent. The governments haven’t been transparent. Do they earn your trust? No. But this is to the detriment of the health of humanity. That’s the problem.

Glen Jung: [00:10:00] So we know about antibody dependent enhancement. It’s been studied for decades.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:10:04] Oh yes.

Glen Jung: [00:10:05] The vaccines act as a Trojan horse to the vaccinees who when exposed to the wild virus, they actually suffer more severe disease. We know about the censorship. How do we go about disarming people from the the truth about the vaccines? I mean, one great speaker yesterday said that most vaccinated patients do not want to hear about the side effects because they don’t want to know that they’re a ticking time bomb inside.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:10:32] Well, and again, this goes to truth and transparency. And I don’t mean to be an alarmist voice in any way, shape or form. I mean to be an informative, truthful voice. So if you got one shot, I’m not here to judge you. If you got two shots, I’m not here to judge you. If you got three shots, I hope you’re going to be okay. But I’m definitely here to say don’t get another one because getting another one is only putting your body at higher risk. It’s very dose dependent. And and nobody wants to admit that they did something wrong. Most people did it thinking that they were doing something that was going to be beneficial. They were unfortunately lied to in the process by these government agencies and these health care agencies and these companies that have paid the largest criminal medical fines in history, and we allowed the criminal to be the product maker. It’s like saying, hey, I know you’re in prison for abusing children, but why don’t you babysit my children? It doesn’t make any sense what we allowed. We know that all of the regulatory processes were corrupted. Again, it’s nobody’s fault that they got pushed here per se. It’s a big systems problem. It’s a big media problem, it’s a big lobby problem. It’s a big pharma problem. It’s a big government problem. And you heard big. They’re big, big, big. What matters is the individual. And we have neglected through apathy the individual. And we need to bring that focus back to individual rights, individual freedoms, bodily autonomy, and we need to bring these people in. Look, are there things we can do to help them to if along comes another big bad wolf coronavirus, we need to have that ability to get the word out to them. Look, here’s some things you can do to avert the severe outcomes, because if they do come, they could come quickly and again, not alarmist. I’m just being scientific.

Glen Jung: [00:12:22] You’re being scientific. You’re being factual. We know that all the regulatory agencies have been captured by big pharma, the academic institutions, knowing that we are seeing that Pfizer data that was Pfizer had suppressed or pressed the FDA to hide that data for 75 years. But now it’s coming out, the troves are coming out. The avalanche of evidence against them is coming out. What are some of the alarming data that you’re finding out about now with infants and pregnant women?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:12:54] Yeah, well, it was never safe in pregnancy. You never use an experimental therapy modality on women until proven safe. The rollout and this whole propagandistic live. Oh, it’s safe and effective. You know, we’re not seeing anything. These are not the droids you’re looking for. Never mind the increase in miscarriages. Never mind intrauterine fetal demise at a higher rates than we’ve ever seen. Never mind fetal malformations. Happening now, never mind the gal that came up to me in the last conference. They made my sister get the shot in the second trimester. Her baby was born without adrenal function and is blind. And I hear this left and right now. And never mind that there are nursing babies that have died from hemorrhage from nursing. Right after the mom got a shot and was making the spike, she got into the breastmilk, got into the baby and the baby hemorrhaged and died. So never mind the fact that these are not pregnant, are not safe in pregnancy. Never mind that we don’t know that that spike’s not going in and causing organ damage to the fetus because it is, you know, as the data comes out, these were never safe in pregnancy and never will be because this platform is the nuclear bomb. I’ll go back to that. A lipid nanoparticle plus a gene is not a safe product. And and to your point, these agencies bypassed all their own rules. These were approved as a vaccine based on old vaccine technology. These are a gene product. The FDA and the United States and other countries didn’t apply gene product requirements, immunogenicity, reproductive toxicity, dose dependency, long term outcomes. There are only four approved gene products by the US FDA only four, and it took years for those to make it to market and they’re used in very small cohorts for very specific focus disease with these products. It’s a gene, it’s a gene product. Those criteria and those follow up studies were not required. And we are paying the price as a human society that nobody should have to pay for the sins of corrupt bureaucrats and avaricious pharmaceuticals.

Glen Jung: [00:15:14] 100% safe and effective is a marketing slogan. It should not be taken at face.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:15:19] It’s a lie. It violates federal US, federal law, truth in advertising. And the state of Kansas legislature said, no, you will pull those ads from the media because it’s a lie. So some politicians are waking up to the lie. It’s not safe and effective. That’s that’s Orwellian. That’s nothing short of propaganda. Nothing safe, nothing effective about these. Even even when they first came out and said 95% effective. Yes. No, that was relative reduction, not absolute risk reduction. It took 120 people to get two shots for one person to have one less symptom.

Glen Jung: [00:16:00] This no job on humanity has been incredible with you know, many say one of the lead orchestrators, of course, is I like to call him Nostradamus now, Bill Gates. His ability to predict the future. You know, in 20, I believe 19, he came out with CEPI, where he specifically stated, we will be coming out with a program where we have $461 million. He announced this at Davos at the World Economic Forum in donations already to fund a project to help us bypass, effectively the regulatory process and predicted warp speed genetic vaccines coming out. It’s incredible this guy’s ability to soothsayer.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:16:40] Well, when you get a 20 to 1 return on investment from your vaccine investments.

Bill Gates: [00:16:45] Our foundation is a bit more than 10 billion, but we feel there’s been over a 20 to 1 return.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:16:52] And the Bill Gates Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a money making foundation. In the name of a foundation or a charitable activity? No, it’s a moneymaking operation that has way too much influence on supposed world health. But if it were about world health, he wouldn’t be killing young women in India with vaccine trials and wouldn’t be killing children in Africa with vaccine trials. And he wouldn’t be killing America’s children and Canada’s children with the lipid nanoparticle vaccine. And if you look at Fauci, who sat on the on the foundation’s board before with Gates and at the Milken Institute in 2017, Rick Bright and Fauci were like, Well, gosh, if we had a pandemic, we could go ahead and emergency authorized this new mRNA technology, knowing that Moderna was zero for eight going to bat. They had never made a hit. They’d never got a product to market before, ever, because the technology isn’t ready for humanity. Like I keep saying, it’s not. And so Fauci knew it wasn’t going to work, but what the heck? Let’s just try it on humanity, see what happens. Rubin, the editor of New England Journal of Medicine. Well, we should just roll it out on the children. You never know what’s going to happen until we try it. That’s not how you do medicine. These are criminal activities that are being perpetrated upon humanity, all in the name of supposed health. Health and wellness doesn’t come from a needle or a pill or a bottle. Health and wellness comes from actually teaching principles of health and wellness. Our public health agencies have been an abject failure. Abject failure. They’re not public health agencies.

Glen Jung: [00:18:36] No. They are subsidiaries of the pharmaceutical corporations. They are Robert F Kennedy Jr has said in that great book, The Real Anthony Fauci, which should be required reading for every person on the face of this earth.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:18:47] Atlas Shrugged 1984 and Bobby Kennedy’s book. That should be the three books everybody reads this year.

Glen Jung: [00:18:54] So during your speeches, one of your speeches, you spoke of something that’s really important for people who are awake and trying to help other people come to the realization that this is basically a criminal racketeering operation that’s happening, that’s being perpetrated on humanity. And you said, you know, look for the songbird. Can you talk about that again? Because I think it’s so important about how people look at other people with compassion to be able to move forward in this.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:19:22] Yeah. So in all my dire warnings here, one of one of the panel members said, well, this is somber. And I said, No, it’s somber, but we can be songbirds. Don’t give up hope. The best doctor you’ll ever meet is in front of you. And it’s not me. It’s you. You know what you need for your health. You know what’s good for your body. You know what’s not. It’s time for us to take the initiative, to take back the power from the systems and bring back the power to the individual. And that’s really constitutionally what most of our nations stand for. The government works for us. We’re not their subjects. They work for us. We pay their salary. It behooves us to take back the power and be strong, be hopeful, be optimistic. And don’t live a life of dependency. Live a life of independence. And. Take back what’s yours.

Glen Jung: [00:20:27] Included in that that great advice. There would be something that Dr. Mark Trozzi said yesterday that still stands out in my mind. If your doctor is not being investigated or has not already been suspended, run.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:20:41] Yeah, probably sadly true at this point. Yeah. Those who are trying to tell the truth are being attacked. And again, it goes back to whoever is being attacked is probably telling you something that’s very good for you. Otherwise they wouldn’t be censored.

Glen Jung: [00:20:55] What would you say to the doctors who know what’s going on but are you know, they’re being held by their financial golden handcuffs. What do you say to them?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:21:03] I’d say I’m not here to cast aspersions or blame. You’re my colleague. Be brave. Join us.

Glen Jung: [00:21:12] Fantastic. Any last words of hope and positive messages that you can share from what you’ve seen here in Bath at the Better Way conference?

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:21:19] Yeah, great people, great hearts at the end of all of this. You know, how how do we go forward and, you know, to my colleagues, join us. Be brave to people of the world. Take back your independence. And don’t give up hope. Live a life of integrity like Dr. Malone says. Come back together in community. Allow each other human dignity. And the thing I often say, and I think we really need to get back to Earth art without art is just a let’s get back to art. Let’s get back to music. Let’s get back to community. Let’s get back to being human again. Let’s not live in a pandemic of fear. Let’s not live in anxiety. Let’s not live in disconnection. Community connection, joy. Laughter is the best medicine. Let’s get back to humor. Let’s get back to caring about each other. Let’s get back to being just a beautiful human family. And the way we do that isn’t through fear, it’s through connection, it’s through love. It’s through being actively engaged. It’s through helping where help is needed. It’s living a life of gratitude. And it’s not living life on a screen and being apathetic. It’s being engaged daily in something purposeful. And you look where there’s a need in the world and you do something about it and you don’t wait for someone else to do it. So that would be my message.

Glen Jung: [00:23:02] Dr. Cole, thank you so much for your words of wisdom, your expertise that you’re sharing and informing the world with to help us fight for humanity, our rights and justice, and especially our freedoms. Thank you again so much.

Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:23:14] It’s an honor. Thank you.

Glen Jung: [00:23:16] If you find your content valuable, then please help us stay online. Donate by texting 243514. Scanning the QR code or clicking on the link in the text description. Thank you.

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  1. The short and nasty truth:

    Glen Jung: [00:07:36] It’s incredible to think about the fact that the spike is the toxin. The virus we also believe touched by the hand of man is also a toxin.

    Dr. Ryan Cole: [00:07:42] Yes.

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