46% of B.C.’s Covid-19 Deaths Were Fully Vaccinated

Despite this clear evidence of vaccine failure, Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C. top doc, maintains that “[Covid-19] is now a preventable disease, particularly severe illness” via vaccination.

Why do govts, public health officials and mainstream media continue to egregiously mislead the public about Covid-19 vaccine safety and efficacy?

19 thoughts on “46% of B.C.’s Covid-19 Deaths Were Fully Vaccinated”

  1. Rog Whit , I will pray for you as your very closed minded into thinking that this vaccine which does not even qualify as a vaccine till they changed the meaning is the poison that will erode your false sense of security 1st , then it will travel throughout your body enhancing any cancer or other underlying issue to the point that you will get sick of one of these underlying conditions will take your life away and non of it will be attributed to the vaccine, that is if you don’t have an immediate reaction to it or have a cardiac arrest as so many athletes are doing while playing sports.
    Open your eyes and just ask some critical questions because your time is coming up.

  2. In the past 2 years not one single athlete died of covid but today hundreds have died after the Vax. Get your head out of your ass the vaccines don’t work and are killing people. The death rates have not changed because of covid. In fact hospitalized and icu cases are not different now then they were in 2015. People will die people die of the flu 1000’s yearly no a peep but the minute someone has covid even a minor case its added to instill fear of a disease that mainly kills the elderly who would have died whether they had covid or a flu. Strange how for the most part the average age is 80 or higher past the age expectations for Canada. Outside of the elderly we have had 4900 deaths please explain how this is a pandemic to force an entire country to take an unproven Vax that does not prevent the disease it often causes more spread. The natural immunity is ignored and each sickness is blamed on an unvaxed person. Healthy people don’t cause varients no do they cause covid. Varients for any thing is because a person who does not have full immunity such as a vaxed person spreads I creating a varrient because he doesn’t have fully immunity just like super bugs they are caused by people who don’t take their full course and the bacteria developed into a stronger strain to carry on. We will never get rid of viruses and by continuing to rely on boosters will only lesson the natural immunity that we have to zero immunity not only to covid but likely to other viruses as well. God gave us an immune system for a reason. We don’t need drugs for that. It is ridiculous for anyone to say the unvaxed are causing new infections. Please explain to me if you have the jab then being exposed to an unwanted should keep you safe. Just like a measles shot or any other disease. You should not get sick but this is not the case with this. There is no logic other then to control people.

  3. Steven Harris, MD

    Um, 53% of of traffic deaths in one large series were belted in properly. This does NOT mean seat-belts don’t work or that you shouldn’t buckle up. It only means they aren’t *perfect* (in fact, they happen to prevent about half of deaths).

    1. Your leaky gene altering injection doesn’t work wake the fuck up. Either your being payed or being played. Children will die because doctors did nothing to stop this. At least doctors like you.

    2. Um, Steven Harris your an idiot!!! Seatbelts have ZERO side effects, they don’t alter our genetics in any way shape or form. If erring a seatbelt save one life then why not? To make this a parallel to the vaxx shows how utterly stupid you really are. Does that really say MD beside your name? God help you!

  4. Rog Whit, if the only ones that are in danger are unvaccinated don’t worry yourself to much. After all you wanted to pack them up and send them to Afghanistan. If the “vaccine” is safe and effective, than you have nothing to worry about and neither do these vulnerable people you are so concerned for as they can simply go and be vaccinated and be safe. The truth is, that is not the case. So why are you so determined that everyone should have his right to consent revoked?

  5. Rog Whit You remind me of the Nazi sympathizers who pointed their fingers at the Jews and turned them in to be incinerated or experimented on. Try using your brain to research why the jab is dangerous….or don’t you care about the 800,000+ adverse reactions reported and vetted by the CDC and FDA’s vaccine experts and physicians that recorded them in the VAERS reports. That includes 17,500 deaths as of July 2021. Have a look at these real people who are dead or dying because of the jab…use some critical thinking here before you open your mouth or type your hateful spew. https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/crazy-spike-in-young-athletes-dying-former-pfizer-vp-sounds-the-alarm/?fbclid=IwAR1ReDM0ksHAElRdq-Clf7vKhAvxPSN11hNtD13zxQu8NDRX6u6vXswI3ZY

        1. Imagine 48.6% unvaccinated, 45.6% fully protected and 5.8% single jab…round them off and you get 49, 46, 6…add them up with decimals and you get 100%…not that difficult…it’s the same with 2+2=5…2.4+2.4=4.8…which would round up to 5, but in whole numbers that represent 2.4+2.4.=4.8, you would get 2+2=5.

    1. Neither. Its a bunch of jib jab jibberish!

      Vaccine saves lives! You ignorant people on here against the jab are so selfish. No different than drunken drivers on the road, there should be a law for refusing without medical or religious regions. You are all preventing us from moving forward. We need Canada to Build Back Better! I am glad all you unvaccinated are separated from many things in society, you are truly not Canadian. If I had my way I would deport you to Afghanistan or somewhere. Considering how ungrateful you are to be in this society, you clearly don’t deserve to be here.

      1. I have been here all along.
        I am not ignorant or a communist, not selfish but rather concerned for your health and freedom in this life. Why, I believe you just painted a great picture of yourself. Do you like what you see?
        We could build back better without any discrimination. Ever heard of think tanks? I’m sure one has been working on how to brainwash and subjugate the weak….do some research and don’t be so vindictive.
        Before you respond, I’m not here to teach you anything….only a willing person will discover and learn new things. Question everything and use critical thinking if you plan to use your head at all. I do hope your obvious hate subsides when you come to your senses….and don’t forget Jesus loves you.

      2. Yes you are right, vaccines do save lives. To bad the crap they are injecting into people isn’t a vaccine.

        1. Steven Harris, MD

          It’s a vaccine. It modifies immunity in a good way. In fact, the way it does it, is much closer to the way the natural virus infection does it. An RNA virus must get into your cells, be mistaken for mRNA, and replicate proteins inside them, making many more viruses, before you even start to make an immune response. You don’t get natural immunity from a big dose of isolated viral proteins (or even a huge dose of dead virus) and alum adjuvant. That IS sort of unnatural.

          1. It’s only a “vaccine” because the very definition of vaccine has been changed! From what you state, you must believe that natural immunity through infection is real and robust since you compare how the mRNA jabs work similarly. The mRNA products are a computer generated model of what experts “think” the virus looks like. Now that IS unnatural.

    1. You will be held accountable when you get sick and pass COVID onto someone with a weak immune system and they die. Criminal negligence charges are just around the corner Jean! You are un-Canadian.

      1. You are aware that the viral loads of infected “fully protected” people is higher than in unvaccinated people right? Thus their potential to transmit the virus is greater…hence the recent statistic that transmission within ones’ home is 25% among unvaccinated and 27% among fully vaccinated. So when you get sick and pass on Covid to someone with a weak immune system and they die…I won’t hold you accountable since you’re just as likely to be the cause as anyone else. The “vaccines” do not prevent transmission…which is the first time anything called a “vaccine” didn’t actually do that! Can anyone explain how a vaccine that can’t stop transmission (and hence a strong enough immune response to prevent infection) somehow magically provides protection from serious outcomes? Does it suddenly kick into “high gear”? Impossible

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