[FULL INTERVIEW] Victory Against Hamilton School Board’s Vaccine Mandate

Victory for medical freedom and the preservation of constitutional rights came yesterday on a zoom call, as Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) trustees voted against implementing a coercive vaccine mandate for its remaining 369 unvaccinated staff.

Facing unpaid leave and most likely an end to their education careers within the HWDSB, staff and parents exalted gleefully, while shedding tears of relief, as the votes were announced aloud 7-3 against the vaccine mandate.

The Ontario Educators Association, a group on Ontario educators fighting the vaccine mandates, credits much of last’s nights victory to Jason Kowalyshyn, a volunteer with TakeActionCanada.ca, who presented peer-reviewed data on the safety and efficacy of the failing vaccines. Kowalyshyn in turn credits much of his knowledge to his friend, evidence-based specialist, Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD, who served as a senior advisor on the WHO and Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO).

The HWDSB’s interim Director John Bryant also cited safety concerns as part of the reasoning to not implement the vaccine mandate, as a staff shortage of 369 employees would adversely impact student safety and learning. In November, 25% of supply jobs for support staff (including education assistants, early childhood educators, custodians) had been unfilled and 20% of teaching jobs.

It came as no surprised to people in attendance not following the mainstream media and govt narrative that the majority of 27 Covid-19 cases in the HWDSB since Sept. were in fully vaccinated staff.

Join us for this special interview, as Kowalyshyn and Nassrin Smith, a concerned parent and wife of a HWDSB teacher, discuss the details of yesterday’s coup for medical freedom and constitutional rights in this era of unscientific medical apartheid.

Please click here to reach out to Take Action Canada, an advocacy group for the restoration of Canadian rights and freedoms and abolishment of unscientific Covid-19 measures and vaccine mandates.

6 thoughts on “[FULL INTERVIEW] Victory Against Hamilton School Board’s Vaccine Mandate”

  1. Hooray for Hamilton. May the light of Truth that has been rekindled there spread throughout Canada and into the United States of America and be a blazing light for all the world to follow!

  2. Joel & Marlene Loken

    Unexpected joy and kudos to Take Action Canada And Dr. Paul Alexander who is quickly emerging as a national hero. Seems like this might be a “Hand writing on the wall” type of event.

  3. Canada has been placed on the critical list by our miss guided people and politicians.
    Politicians are nothing but puppets for the insane rich. The people of Canada need to get their heads out of the sand, Together We Stand, Divided We FALL.
    Covid is the tool to cover the largest deception ever pull by the rich and the political puppets of the stoned,drunk and uninformed people of the world.
    Drop your pride and admit you’ve been had, time to reclaim our country, we the people for the people. Our country’s finances were in the black, that means our country wasn’t in debt until the current party took office.
    Wake up Zombies, it’s time to take out the trash.
    To the zombie mass that have freely given up all your freedoms thousands have died to protect, please chose to rejoin our original Canadian heritage, and bring back Canada to real Canadians.
    God Bless Canada and all it’s Zombies Too.

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