TOP STORIES (Friday, Aug 4, 2022) Inc. Lower Unvaccinated Deaths in Every Single Age Category in England

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A UK govt report “Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022” shows that the unvaccinated have lower death rates per 100,000 in every single age category from January to May 2022, clearly pointing to several possible causes, including immune imprinting (initial exposure and consequent immune memory bias to a virus strain may prevent the body from producing enough neutralizing antibodies against a newer strain), antibody-dependent enhancement (vaccine acts as a “Trojan horse” to cause more severe illness and/or death when vaccinated is exposed to a wild virus), biodistribution of inflammatory nanoparticles throughout the body, including the brain, heart, and reproductive organs, and blood clotting caused by spike protein embedding in inner blood vessel walls.

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Big Pharma knows about this data with both Pfizer and Moderna’s trial data showing negative efficacy, adverse events and even deaths. But vaccine manufacturers are in the business of making money, not health. Period. To say they care about your health goes against all observable data and understanding of the medical industry and govt regulatory bodies. So, when Pfizer pulled its approval application in India after “failing to meet the drug regulator’s demand for a local safety and immunogenicity study” back in 2021, it can only be seen as an outright admission that they knew their Covid-19 “vaccines” are neither safe or effective.

After all, why would their shareholders not want to get their fingers into the world’s 2nd most populous country of 1.4 billion people, or ~18$ of the world’s market?

Though the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, which would give the WHO dangerous global power to unilaterally dictate public health emergency measures and treatments for almost the entire world, took a big hit when the majority of amendments to the International Health Regulations, failed thanks to African (long the experimental playground for pharma companies) and South American countries, South Africa is taking a dangerous step to instill similar policies. South African journalist and activist Shabnam Palesa Mohamed reports in her substack the dangerous power grab now being attempted, “These proposed amendments will give the minister and the government tyrannical powers over health care autonomy and personal sovereignty.”

Around the world, parents are waking up to the risk vs benefit of Covid-19 vaccines for their infants 6 months and children up to 5-years-old, as uptake numbers must be wreaking havoc for Big Pharma. In Ontario, less than 1% of Ontario infants and children (6-months to 5yo) received their first dose during their first week of eligibility.

In Israel, 0.05% of eligible babies and children under 5 received a Covid shot in their first 2 days of eligibility. Parents now have a better understanding of the risk/benefit for younger children with much lower incidence of hospitalizations and a statistically 0% chance of death. The few that did die had underlying comorbidities. Many of their headlines read, “died with, not from, Covid.”

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    1. In fact, it’s not the right thing to do up to the age of about 85, where the risk/benefit ratio shifts somewhat, but not radically.

      1. Sure. Receiving graphene oxide at any age is meant to kill you.
        In the elderly they will go much quicker.
        I read a Canadian doctor compiling data on the doctors that are dying in Canada is now up to 13 with many more names being submitted on his twitter site. Looks like many doctors don’t have mental abilities to discern a genocide:
        Dr. William Makis MD
        Aug 2
        💥 UPDATE on Canadian doctors “dying suddenly” 💥

        I’ve now tracked 13 Canadian doctor “sudden deaths” (thank you to everyone who contributed info).

        This is the most complete data set I’ve seen anywhere by far.

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