[INTERVIEW] The House of Medicine Is Corrupt -Dr. Peter McCullough, MD

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, is one of the few doctors in the world today who remains loyal to the scientific paradigm of objective observation of reproducible results. And for his strict adherence to science, a now co-opted term trademarked by Big Pharma and bought govts and institutions around the world, Dr. McCullough is paying the price and discovering a lot more than he bargained for in the corrupt house that is medicine.

Dr. McCullough’s data-driven and ethical journey into the very medical system where he is one of the most cited and credentialed physicians has now led him down the path of mainstream infamy for questioning the Covid and mRNA vaccine narrative. Critically and a testament to his ability to doff the indoctrination that is the allopathic medical system, Dr. McCullough is now investigating all vaccines.

Join Swedish Journalist Aga Wilson and Glen Jung, as they team up for a series of interviews, including this January 8th interview from Orlando, FL, where Dr. McCullough shares what he expects to see in 2023, for better and worse, the important role of alternative media, Damar Hamlin and much more…

5 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] The House of Medicine Is Corrupt -Dr. Peter McCullough, MD”

  1. This guy is a literal Saint. Look at how much good just one man has done for our world…Imagine if there were 100 more like him, willing to risk their jobs, awards, positions, accolades…for the pursuit of truth. The Hypocratic oath was a principle part of every doctors beginnings….it should remain a critically important building block of every health care worker.

    Thank you doc, you are an inspiration.

  2. I am always encouraged by Dr. McCullough. Thank you for telling the truth. Let’s not argue over word semantics and continue to get the truth out.
    Dr. McCullough has directed us to several sources of information and truthful facts, which in this time are invaluable.
    His expertise and commitment are exceptional to not only be admired but emulated.
    Thank you barely seems adequate for his sacrifices.
    Thank you

    1. It is not a matter of squabbling over semantics. Both pandemic and vaccine were redefined by the WHO/CDC, to use them is to play by the rules of the very perpetrators of this medical fraud. “The Pandemic” never happened according to the old definition of pandemic, the 2020 death record proves that. The redefining of words is no less a weapon than chimeric viruses or synthetic mRNA. I don’t think my point is an irrelevant side-issue; many dissident doctors and scientists are urging people to not legitimize those bastardized words. I was in no way attempting to disparage Dr McCullough or call into question his expertise or sincerity.

  3. With all due respect to Dr McCullough, it is unfortunate that he refers to the injections as vaccines when they do not meet the definition of a vaccine. I understand the word “vaccine” is more convenient to say multiple times in an interview than “experimental genetic transfer technology” or even “injections”, but most people when confronted with criticism of the covid “vaccines” automatically think “you’re an anti-vaxxer” and dismiss the information. Their belief is vaccines are good therefore questioning something called a vaccine is bad, they cannot grasp the fact that these are not vaccines to begin with; calling them such counteracts the attempt to raise awareness, in my opinion. “Clot shots” rolls off the tongue nicely and is a more accurate description of what these injections are.

  4. The unvax’ed will be dying of stress worrying about their vaxed loved ones and the world as we know it long before half of the clueless vax’ed die.

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