[FULL SPEECH] The Greatest Propaganda Move in History -Former Journalist Rodney Palmer

Rodney Palmer, former journalist, first broke down the shoddy mainstream reporting of the Freedom Convoy like no other journalist can (our interview). On January 28th, Palmer exposed all of mainstream journalism, globally, and implicated them in “the greatest propaganda move in the history of humankind.”

“What I see in this is a breadth of control over the messages we’re all hearing that I didn’t even know myself a week ago before I started looking into this. It is total and complete.”

In the most comprehensive and sobering breakdown of media today, uncloaking and going beyond the Trusted New Initiative, Palmer, a purist and relic of ethical journalism, once again donned his investigate cap to expose the mechanism of lies and deceit underpinning and incentivizing the Covid narrative and the deadly mRNA “vaccination” campaign. “They’ve got blood on their hands. And if they announce it tomorrow, they’ve still got blood on their hands.”

Join us and watch Palmer’s pivotal presentation from our first live panel event.

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