Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada in Fully Vaccinated Mothers

86 stillbirths in 6 months in fully vaccinated mothers in Waterloo, Ontario

13 stillbirths in 24 hours in B.C.

Dr. Daniel Nagase, MD, exposes an emerging public health disaster being ignored and suppressed by govt, public health & the mainstream media.

Source video with Selena Paley reporting.

39 thoughts on “Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada in Fully Vaccinated Mothers”

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  4. Wake up sheep, Millions already injured and deaths daily! If you recieved the placebo shot then you think the vaccinrs are safe, but those that got the real deal are dropping dead like flies! Two local ppl I know will be buried this week, another in a fulltime care facility, 2 other’s injured, another dead, over 300 young healthy athlete’s suddenly dropped dead of myocarditis. The Gatewaypundit is a good sorce of news as well as CNS News and news! Fauci is under Senate Committee investigation and caught in even more lies via his emails and ownership in Pfizer and Moderna stock! Bill Gates, Fauci, CDC… they’re all corrupt and in bed with China to take over America!!! Wake up ppl see what’s going on in Australia, UK, Italy, Etc. The lying China owned news is not going to tell you any truth, you are all like blind sheep allowing them to dictate to your mind what to blindly believe!

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  11. This is a very upsetting comment and entirely ignorant of any facts or background. Shame, shame on you. I thought that we were beyond this ridiculous narrative.

    1. Barbara How long will you remain ignorant? Not only stillbirths going own, but there’s been over a Million deaths caused by dr. Death Fauci that’s under Senate Committee investigation for his lies and ties of stock investment in Pfizer and Moderna, why do you think they tried to remove J&J from the list? Because they are competition! The is real news as well as CNS News and news. Stop listening to China owned Liberal lying CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC fake news, all repeat the same lies the other stations lie about. God is your only hope! Consider yourself lucky if you received the placebo saline vaccine and not the real jab, but then again who knows if you’ll live or die like so many has or injured like over 2 million now!!!

    1. And why would they? I think that’s kind of a silly question because that’s not what this is about! Has anybody enhanced or delve into the problems of the vaccine in the first place in the last two years the answer is absolute NO!!And I wonder if it’s because they really don’t give a shit? Caring about our humanity and our little babies is not what this is about? Every person in our world needs to wake up. Research

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    1. What nonsense to blame Jewish people for deaths from the virus.
      The vaccines are geared to destroy the body ,not to help fight the virus.
      Wake up to the fact that politicians, the media, the elites and leaders are running the scheme to destabilize countries and form the Great Reset. The media narrative is one huge hoax.

    2. Right… because Wuhan is in Israel, correct? Your comment should be poster comment for the award for complete idiocy …grow up

    3. Plenty of Jewish deaths here in Israel from this poison including my mum so please don’t bring your prejudices into it.

  14. I’ll love to receive fresh updates about all this strange happening about the deadly vaccine

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  16. Our granddaughter was stillborn at full term. Her mother was not vaxxed but in the 2 days before the stillbirth she was in a large group of people who had recently received their second dose.

    1. There’s some dr.s that will not allow vaxxed women into their clinics around pregnant women due to the fact that those who have been vaxed shed the viral toxins via skin, breath, eyes! Pfizer doesn’t deny the vaccines shed like some other vaccines do! I took a chemo drug for arthritis and stopped 7 months ago and now detoxing those harsh drugs out of my body and can smell the chemo smell shedding at times mainly around my neck area!

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  19. This is murders of the new born! Now watch for the
    Astrosities of the 5yr–11yr
    Old children! This govt has
    To go asap…


  21. My heart goes out to the families for their loss. Please provide pre-Covid vaccine stillbirth rates this data is important to disprove Government “it’s safe” propaganda. This so called vaccine is nothing more than taking cough medicine in advance of a cold to attempt to avoid getting sick. However, more and more information is emerging that it’s causing reprehensible long term damage to some and in this case loss of life. We need to stop this government hypocrisy with tangible evidence before it’s to late. Fully vaccinated and more concerned about that then Covid-19 now.

        1. Pregnant woman shouldn’t even get a flu shot. It is ridiculous. How can people believe MSM last night globalist bc they said it was false info.

          1. Pregnant people aren’t even supposed to take Flippin cough medicine! But experimental vaccines…..

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