Open Invite to Timothy Caulfield, Dr Theresa Tam Et Al to Join Covid-19 Debate

Bright Light News has put out open invites to Timothy Caulfield, Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Kieran Moore, David Fisman, Dr. Eileen de Villa and Ashleigh Stewart to join our expert Covid-19 panel in a respectful debate of Covid-19 for the greater public good.

Each of the invitees has had great influence in the public’s perception of the Covid-19 response and “vaccines,” yet none has been willing to openly debate the science and data of Covid-19 and the experimental mRNA inoculations.

It’s with great hope but little expectation that any will accept the offer to debate with our expert panel. Nonetheless, the invitation remains open (and for other public health officials, like Drs. Alika Lafontaine, Katharine Smart, current and previous presidents of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA)), and Michelle Cohen (who dubbed us “fake media”). For any interested parties, we can be reached at

The in-person panel event takes place Saturday, January 28 @7pm EST in Hamilton, ON. Tickets are selling fast! Click here for more info of to BUY TICKETS NOW!

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