Ontario School Board Association Pushes Mandatory Covid Vaccination for 1.36 Million Students

The Ontario School Board Association (OPSBA) is pushing for 1.36 million Ontario students to require mandatory Covid-19 vaccination without providing any clinical proof of Covid-19 vaccine safety or efficacy data for both students and staff, as it looks to have Health Minister Stephen Lecce get Covid-19 added to the list of designated diseases requiring vaccination under Ontario Regulation 261/13 Designated Diseases under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA).

The OPSBA originally wrote a letter to Lecce Dec. 14, 2021, with a letter not backed up by any scientific evidence and only govt talking points on Covid-19. While admitting “the vast majority of circumstances – our schools remain safe places for our students to learn in-person,” they fabricate misinformation, including this statement about the efficacy of the failing Covid-19 vaccines that are not preventing cases or hospitalizations–and are potentially driving the current record wave of cases–“Increasingly, studies are indicating that the best way to halt the spread of the Omicron variant is through the administration of a third dose or booster shot.”

Ontario’s record-breaking surge, more than 4x larger than April’s peak in cases, is made up of 80% fully vaccinated cases, as per Ontario Govt data. On Jan. 6, 10,648 of 13,339 cases were fully vaccinated, or 80%, vs. just 1,797 unvaccinated cases, or 13.5% of all cases. The case rate per 100,000 for the unvaccinated was 78.12 compared to a whopping 102.10 cases per 100k for the fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 vaccines were touted to shine for reducing severe disease, but hospitalizations for the fully vaccinated sat at 68% vs. just 25.8% unvaccinated. Though just 36.5% of ICU admissions are fully vaccinated, this number is irrelevant, as well as the hospitalizations, when considering Covid-19 vaccines were supposed to be as high 91-95% effective in stopping transmission, hospitalizations or ICU admissions. Clearly, the vaccines are failing as the hospitalization rates, if the promoted efficacy were true, would be closer to 5-9%.

These spectacular failures in reducing severe outcomes are even more glaring as the Omicron variant has been globally recognized as more transmissible but milder disease.

So, on what basis is the OPSBA pushing for mandatory Covid-19 vaccination–besides unsupported govt-and-legacy-media talking points–putting Ontarian’s children’s health at risk when considering the overwhelming evidence of vaccine harm in young people, where Covid-19 vaccines have been stopped in several countries?

8 thoughts on “Ontario School Board Association Pushes Mandatory Covid Vaccination for 1.36 Million Students”

  1. This is a preposterous suggestion . Why would we add a vaccine that
    1. Does not prevent infection.
    2. Does not stop transmission.
    3. Can not contribute to herd immunity.
    4. Has no longterm safety data.
    5. Poses significant risk with minimal short term rewards.
    6. Has not been approved for under 15 in most of the world.
    7. Has waning efficacy.
    8. Needs to be boosted with no data on the impacts of continuous boosters.

  2. Given the high adverse effects and mortality rate of the Covid-19 vaccines it is criminal to coerce, extort and force the population to accept these measures. Since children suffer even more side effects (over 30%) it is criminal, on the part of our government, to enforce any measure that promotes increased vaccinations. The Covid 19 vaccines are experimental, not approved by the FDA and extremely harmful.

  3. These vaccines should not be mandatory for anyone especially children. The risk out weighs the benefits. I would never support a government that would make this mandatory.

  4. No child “requires” any vaccine to attend school. It’s against the Education Act to deny education to any child.

  5. It has become so obvious now that this is unquestionably a de-population plan. The only other motivation would be that our elected officials are heavily invested in the pharmaceutical companies and are in essence paid assassins.

  6. Absolutely not. No. No. No.
    I, 100% disagree with this .
    Children are not at high risk.
    This vaccine is too much of a risk for children.

  7. Show us the long term safety studies……oh wait those are not completed until 2023
    Until we get to 2023, here’s what we have so far, alot of adverse events.
    Read for yourself…..this is 3 countries worth of data.

    United Kingdom

    God bless and save our children
    We all need to pray for our kids

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