Ontario Bill 100 Passed, Tyranny Will Be the New Norm -Rick Nicholls, MPP (Ontario Party)

Ontario passed Bill 100, what many are calling “the anti-protest bill” due to vague language that may lead to the seizure of houses and cars due to overreaching powers given to police against protesters.

The bill was passed yesterday evening with only Rick Nicholls, MPP (Ontario Party), voting against the bill. There were 4 other MPPs previously against the bill but not in attendance for the final vote, which was supposed to take place today.

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31 thoughts on “Ontario Bill 100 Passed, Tyranny Will Be the New Norm -Rick Nicholls, MPP (Ontario Party)”

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    1. The twit wants the socred system because we aren’t entitled to our freedom. Little does the twit realize that EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE TWIT will be losing their freedom!

      Only the communists and the corrupted will maintain their “privileges.” Under the Twit’s version of “democracy, NO ONE WILL HAVE ANY RIGHTS. Only privileges granted by the government.

      The twit doesn’t understand the difference between rights and privileges.”
      Let me try to explain it to him. I know it’s futile, but I’ll give it a try:
      PRIVILEGES are granted by a human authority such as government. An example is the issuance of a driver’s license, granting you the PRIVILEGE to drive on state roads and highways. A Privilege can be revoked by a legitimate authority bestowed on them by the people. representing the interests of the people.
      RIGHTS are UNDENIABLE. NO GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY can take away one’s basic human and inalienable rights bestowed on all of humanity by the Creator, unless a person forfeits their rights by committing criminal acts against the community, in which case the government is morally bound to enforce the laws established by the community. But it’s the INDIVIDUAL that chooses to forfeit their rights by committing criminal acts.
      The government can’t arbitrarily take them away without cause, as the Turd tried to do when he illegitimately invoked the EA.
      Happy Easter, Twit!

    2. “WE ARE SHEEP!” screams the sheep!
      The twit is a laugh-a-minute, and he is still having problems with basic spelling and grammar!
      The twit is showing the entire world his intellectual capacity, and the world is laughing at him.

  3. People like you dont deserve freedom, you are dangerous and your anti vax bs!!! I wish I could pin you all down and give you all your booster shots!!!!

    1. Oh Roger you poor uneducated sheep. All the evidence shows the vax do not work. 4 shots in a year is what they want now. Wow it’s like Advil. The masks don’t work. Natural immunity is the only way. Please keep going and getting shots for the common cold. I feel sorry for you.

      1. Shhhhh… “Roger” is the twit’s latest alias! I think this is the fourth name change he’s used since he began trolling this site.

  4. What are you talking about? Trudeau is truth and freedom. He has done so many good things for this Country. This strategy is to attack people like you who are dangerous to our society.

    1. The turd is Lies and Corruption personified. The very essence of evil, and you, twit, are a minion serving the turd’s ambitions, like the useful idiot that you really are.

  5. hehe this is great news. Time to start watching people like you lose your house and your car! Finally some good retribution.

    1. The twit is resorting to using multiple aliases, one would presume, to project the illusion that the twit has allies.
      The twit is a fascist. He is the embodiment of pure evil, wishing nothing but harm and destruction to all his enemies, like a good little leftist.
      The twit doesn’t realize that he’s falling for the same trap the German people fell for when a little insignificant Chancellor rose to power in Germany in the 30’s.
      It cost the German people dearly for their folly, and the twit will learn the very same lesson the hard way.

  6. I’ve just signed my own personal “anti-participation bill”, so they’ll get nothing from me. When the government no longer represents the will of the people, it is our duty to become ungovernable. As a Libertarian, I reserve the right to vote with my feet—so leaving the country as soon as it’s legal for me to do so is also a definite option.

    Professor Trump’s Math Quiz:
    Question #1: “Everything Woke Turns to Shit” + “Canada is Woke as F” = ?

    1. I am out of this WEF hole the moment that a lawsuit opens up our country for free passage of Canadians.
      The Turd and his Witch are not going to grant freedom to Canadians.
      Parliament can’t be trusted.
      If Brian Peckford’s and the other lawsuits are struck down we will have to do what we can to leave our own country.
      What a nightmare.

      1. The thought of booking outbound passage with Mohawk cigarette smugglers had occurred to me. How far has Canada fallen that we might actually need a Reverse Underground Railroad to the Florida Freedom Zone for the Vaccine-Free? “Oh, Freedom! We hardly knew you!”

      2. Peckford’s lawsuit could be pivotal.
        If it fails many will ESCALATE MATTERS by using different and UNORTHODOX channels.
        In other words, all Hell could break loose.

        1. Unfortunately, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada has already “ruled” when he disparaged the trucker convoy, so I have no faith in the SCOC when Brian Peckford’s case comes before the court.

  7. Today, the Canadian Institute for International Affairs has been renamed the Canadian International Council (CIC). The CIC is Chaired by Oxford-trained regime change specialist Ben Rowswell who worked closely with Privy Councillor Chrystia Freeland in attempting to overthrow the government of Maduro in favor of WEF-puppet Juan Guaido which continues to this day.

  8. Vote New Blue Party, they will get this and other bills these characters have nothing better to do but cause division, the working people will have to slow down production to their narrative and wait till June 2/2022 to see normalcy back with backing the Blue

    1. The Blue Party is a controlled opposition party to oppose the PPC, similar to the construction of Wexit now Maverick.
      The Blue Party which doesn’t have any seats managed to stop Ford, after the creator of the Party got “kicked out” for opposing a bill, one of the candidates was also directly tied to the Sherman Murder investigations, the Sherman’s where murdered in 2017, they manufactured HCQ.

      The Maverick party is a Soros creation through originally Peter Downing.

      1. All of Neil Adamson’s comments appear to be helpful to none other than NDP and other LEFTIST CAUSES.

  9. What is the new blue? And where have they been for the past 3 years? Is there no one that can be trusted?

    1. New Blue Party was just formed in the past several months. Jim & Belinda Karahalios are the founders. They appear to be true conservatives (although all politicians should be viewed with suspicion, as Doug Ford has proven). Do some research.

  10. Don’t argue! If you call this bill tyrannical, the Twit will accuse you of treason!
    So shut up and comply! You have been given your orders.

  11. So much for freedom of speech. We need to clean house and get rid of these elected officials. We are now living in China.

  12. Hmmm… Tyranny, Mayhem, or complete Chaos ???
    This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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