26 thoughts on “More Fully Vaccinated Dying of Delta Variant Than Unvaccinated – Public Health England”

  1. 100% agree, this will never end unless people stand up together and say enough is enough. But, sadly, I feel there are too many stupid pricks out there for this to happen.

  2. If you are vaccinated or not, you will eventually get the covid unless you already had it. The vaccine minimize the chance of getting real sick, but the same thing if you are not vaccinated. These variants will continue for years to come and will change into another virus just like we had for centuries . Every year thousands of people die from flu , this one is worse but they will never be able to have a normal life if we keep testing people. It is time to re open society and to stop separating the world in 2 with part vaccinated and part not vaccinated, This as become a huge cult with people pushing away the unvaccinated ones.

  3. Ok people, I see you are not the sharpest tools in the shed :D. Or you never had math education. 90% of adults are vaccinated. So there are 9 times more vaccinated people. If the number of deaths is roughly 2/3 in vaccinated and 1/3 in unvaccinated, then you have to multiply that 1/3 by 9 (to normalize the two groups to a common level). That means the unvaccinated will have 9/2=4,5 TIMES MORE DEATHS. But there are other variables that have to be accounted for in normalization (e.g. the health status of the groups etc. – it’s absolutely possible, that you have to put in another multiplier of 2 – I won’t explain that further).
    So you get roughly the official number: vaccines can give you ~10 times better chance of avoiding the worst outcomes.
    In the US 99% of the people in hospitals are unvaccinated.
    So brightlightnews LIES IN YOUR FACE, AND YOU FALL FOR IT. USE some critical thinking!

    1. Thanks Laci. Another way to understand what’s going on is this example.

      Imagine you’re the last unvaccinated person on earth. In hospital, sick vaccinated people are still dying from Covid. Someone decides to release a news article saying that you are proof that unvaccinated people are safer than the vaccinated people because 100% of the people who die are vaccinated.

      Would that article be true?

    2. In the UK 77.4% of adults are fully vaccinated but they account for only 57.1% of all deaths so the vaccine does give a measure of protection… what, maybe a 30% gain?

    3. Thanks for your post and trying to set people straight. I wish more people could read your comment. Stay safe!

    4. Oh Laci can analyze, I’m very proud of you for your critical thinking technical skills, bravo Sherlock! Everyone let’s have a round of applause for our noble genius; best regards!

  4. Based on UK demographics and vaccination data,
    Out of 41.8 M fully vaccinated, the deaths are 679 So the death rate is 0.00162%
    Out of the total population of 55.323M adults (above 16 which is more than 81%), unvaccinated are 7.633M and the deaths are 390, so the death rate 0.005 %
    So the death in the unvaccinated is 0.005 / 0.00162 = 3 times more likely

    1. @ A S Roy – you forgot to add in the deaths from the vaccines themselves and the lifelong medical complications, clotting, etc. – all this for your declared death rate of 0.005% for the unvaccinated – if that doesn’t wake you up that you are sheep being led to slaughter I don’t know what will!

      1. Dennis, plenty of science proving Covid has long hauler effects, including permanent brain fog and lung issues as well as increased chances of blood clots. But, you do you buddy. As far as I’m concerned, this whole thing is Darwinian evolution at work.

  5. Now than a middle school math education

    Assuming everyone who died was over 16 (which is likely), let’s look at some stats. Approximately 75% of people over the age of 16 in England have been fully vaccinated. That means there are 3x more people that have been vaccinated as opened to those who have not been vaccinated.

    Taking into account the size of each group, this means that unvaccinated are dying 1.7x the rate of vaccinated people. Not quite the gotcha you thought this was.

    1. The math I did went like this.In the UK 77.4% of adults are fully vaccinated but they account for only 57.1% of all deaths so the vaccine does give a measure of protection… what, maybe a 30% gain?

      How’s that math? maybe 40%.

  6. You have to goto page 23 of the Pdf file from public health England which is attached if you click on the hyperlink word Source. You can see the figures there.

      1. I think you guys are awesome. But the BBC just posted a new story saying it’s totally opposite of what bright light news is saying. I have so much peer pressure over this stupid jab. It’s like being in high school all over again and I’m 52 now.

        1. Don’t take the bait Steve. There’s still zero long term data on these jabs and very limited evidence that they offer any protection at all against a virus which is 99% survivable by the general population. Stay strong and know there are more of us out there that refuse this madness.

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