Israelis Losing Trust in “Vaccine,” as Injuries Rise Reports Activist #BetterWayConference

Efrat Fenigson is a fierce Israeli activist that has been actively fighting the Covid agenda. After making the trek from Israel, she joined us here to give a hopeful update on the Israeli acceptance of vaccines, digital currency and the

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2 thoughts on “Israelis Losing Trust in “Vaccine,” as Injuries Rise Reports Activist #BetterWayConference”

  1. But,but Justin told us they are ‘safe and effective’ and he is saving us from the unvaxxed that have intact immune systems.
    Thanks for your efforts,Gord.
    You’re the man.

    1. Seriously, though…you could hit most of the vax believers and evangelists over the head with a virtual sledgehammer of verified facts and peer reviewed studies, and it wouldn’t even faze them. And yet, whenever they talk about the failed experimental gene therapies, they use words like “It is believed that…” and “Evidence suggests…” (Yes, of course. And the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation…and Epstein killed himself…and the 2020 US Federal election was as honest as the day is long.)

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