[INTERVIEW] The Boundary Is Children, We Must Remain Unified -Dr. Robert Malone


[Toronto, Ontario] As policies continue to roll out lockstep around the world–same narrative, same response…Covid-19, transgender issues, transhumanism, climate change, etc.–Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine technology inventor, says the resistance must remain unified and not be fragmented by those perpetrating the agendas. Facing allegations of being “controlled opposition” himself, Dr. Malone addresses the question while also warning of divisions being created within the resistance follow typically historical patterns. He cautions that the cause must be put above individual agendas to best move forward against the homogenization of nations and individuals.

Dr. Malone also reveals that Moderna was created by the CIA with In-Q-Tel, its investment arm, driving much of the push for mRNA vaccines that will soon take the place of traditional vaccines, giving a few companies, like Pfizer and Moderna, a continued stranglehold on the marketplace.

“The boundary is children,” and a unified movement, through pragmatic and honest self-awareness, is pivotal to avoid the very divisive behaviours that gave rise to the global resistance. It is incumbent of us to remain unified if we are preserve a free world for our children.

Interview conducted at Toronto premiere of Uninformed Consent Oct. 8, 2022.

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Glen Jung: [00:00:00] Okay, Ladies and gentlemen, we are honoured to be here today with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine technology, here for the premiere of Uninformed Consent. Thanks so much for joining us, Dr. Malone. Great to see you again.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:00:13] Thanks for having me and for the chance to talk to you and your listeners.

Glen Jung: [00:00:17] Our pleasure. And like I said in Vienna, you are definitely my favorite domestic terrorist. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing now. Now, speaking about that, that narrative, there is something afoot that is kind of unsettling within the people who are within this movement, this transformation, to awaken other people into what’s happening. There’s a lot of talk about you being controlled opposition and it’s there must be disheartening for you because, for me, I don’t understand it. You’ve been double jabbed. You have come out and said that this is probably one of the worst tragedies that we are now facing, medically speaking, and in human history. So can you talk to that a little, please?

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:00:52] I don’t understand it either. And it’s extremely destructive and divisive this this storyline. And it’s being promoted with a lot of people that have been out front and leading that we are somehow controlled opposition. There are some people that are claiming that I am actually financed by the global predators, whatever that is, which is absolutely not the case. There are other people that are claiming that I have received millions and millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry, which is absolutely not the case. I don’t. I don’t. Well, there are, I think there are signs throughout the various groups of individuals who are acting as provocateurs in. And I think when you when you hear people making these accusations and I’ve used the metaphor of the history of the French Revolution and the and the Jacobins with the j’accuse off of this head, off to Madame Guillotine, that there is a history in movements of reaching a point of critical mass, and then people starting to apply purity tests and this logic that, well, you’re not, you’re not pure enough. You’re not good enough. You’re not with us completely. You haven’t accepted all of these things that we believe in, some subset of us, the most vocal. And therefore you must be controlled opposition. You must be with our enemy, our opponent. And therefore we have to reject you, defenestrate you, decapitate you, burn you at the stake. I’m referring to historic antecedents. There’s the example that, oh, with the craziness about witches that happened. I’m told that there was a period of time because this went through Switzerland also, not just to the United States in North America, it went through Switzerland.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:03:04] And there was a period of time when there were almost no women left in any of the Swiss villages. They’d all been burned. This, humans when they get to this point, and we’ve all been subjected to so much manipulation and propaganda and information control, so many different nefarious things that people have a tendency to to not trust anything. They get paranoid and then they start turning on each other. And we seem to be at that point right now with the with those of us that are, let’s say, awake, not woke, that have become aware of the manipulation and the broader scheme of what’s been done here, that that people have become very suspicious. And for whatever reason, they’re starting to turn on each other and it’s tearing groups apart. It’s extremely counterproductive. It’s, there’s a long history of this. And I think there are a lot of signs that part of this is intentional, that people there are groups that are actively seeking to damage or halt the momentum in in it’s it’s really paradoxical that that just as we get to the point where the data are becoming really clear, that we actually called it correctly, not just me but many many people, that, that people are starting to turn on each other. And I think we have to stop that.

Glen Jung: [00:04:38] Yeah, it’s, it’s an incredibly mindboggling thing for me. I mean, you came out with one of the most resonant videos that I remember when you said, you know, people will not wake up until we start losing children, when we see the vaccines start killing children. I mean, I don’t think there’s any more confirmation that you are awake to what is happening and trying to warn people and save humanity from the onslaught. Speaking about that, we’re seeing this massive push now for mRNA technology to be spread throughout the vaccine world through different viruses and whatnot. Can you speak to that push a little bit?

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:05:11] And yes, so this, I think it’s, it’s a paradox to to try to wrap your head around why this push. And there’s a lot of explanations and a lot of hypotheses. And it’s easy to go dark. It’s easy to imagine that this fits into a population agenda. And I’m not saying it doesn’t. I can’t prove that it does or doesn’t, but I do know that there is a unmet need for development of capabilities that will allow rapid responses to engineered and emerging pathogens. And the, it used to be the two leading technologies were monoclonal antibodies and DNA vaccines. The DNA vaccines just never worked out. Merck spent billions of dollars on the technology, and it works great in mice, and they could never get it to work in larger animals or in humans for a variety of reasons, with the exception of some platforms, to some extent, like using pulse electrical fields. But, for the most part, it just was never scalable. And into that, in the monoclonal antibodies we’ve seen the problems now through this outbreak with monoclonal antibodies. They’re slow to develop. Once you have a product which is a unique, every single monoclonal antibody is basically a custom manufacturing process. The scalability isn’t that good, and the virus rapidly evolves to escape a single antibody, right? Or even if it’s a small antibody cocktail, pathogens can easily evade that. Just like they are evolving in response to the pressure of the vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:07:03] And so the monoclonal antibodies really haven’t worked out very well. And in this we’ve kind of known that that was happening for a long time. It’s been more and more clear over time. They’re expensive, kludgy and they don’t work very well and they have risks to themselves. So, there’s there’s been this unmet need. How can you come up with a platform that goes straight from genetic sequence to a product, whether it’s a medical product or a vaccine product that could potentially enable a customized drug for your cancer, as an example? How can we do that? And one of the technology platforms has been, in theory, the use of mRNA, and it’s been sitting out there for a long time. The patents expired. Merck basically blocked anybody from working on it. After I filed this patents in the late eighties, me and others. And then literally this is not a conspiracy theory. It was picked up by the CIA through their development arm called DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Created the SR 71, really did create the Internet. A case can be made that it created Facebook and many of the other social media platforms for intelligence gathering purposes. And so the through through its DARPA arm, the CIA actively decided to try to promote this technology of mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:08:38] And it’s important to understand that DARPA doesn’t take on projects that are guaranteed success. They want something, they want to fund projects that have a fairly high risk of failure. It’s just where they sit in the development world. And they decided to to do this and they they created Moderna. The journey is a product of CIA investment. And there’s a new company now just to illustrate the point that’s been built here in Canada that’s doing a lot of the manufacturing of mRNA vaccines that’s funded by In-Q-Tel. In-Q-tel is the investment fund arm of the CIA. The CIA has pushed this. And the question is, why would they be doing this? And and to try to give the benefit of the doubt. We can argue about that. But but to put yourself in their mindset, they believe that there is an absolute need for coming up with a technology that will enable rapid response, that will go direct from gene to vaccine or direct from gene to medical product. And they they seem to have had some success with this technology platform. Now, they rushed it. They didn’t account for the toxicity. They didn’t address the problems that are existing within it. I mean, I’m not saying in any way that this is a good solution, but it’s what they did.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:10:04] And I think that’s why they did it. And I think it’s kind of important to understand the logic of of what’s going on now, what they’ve done. Now that that this is this has been developed, we’ve we’ve recently had a publication that there was a committee hearing at the World Health Organization a couple of years ago right at the outset of this, headed up by Margaret Liu, formerly of Merck. She was the one that was in charge of the DNA vaccine program at Merck, at the World Health Organization, a consultation of all of the world’s regulatory authorities, of the western world’s regulatory authorities, in which they basically decided beforehand before all of this happened, that they would treat this as a platform technology and push it through. And that once they were able to get this out in a major way into the population and get through the initial regulatory hurdles, then they were going to grandfather those formulations so that that what this means is that they’re not going to have to redo developers, product developers, are not going to have to redo the pre-clinical package. They can just swap out this RNA for that RNA so long as they keep the formulations the same. What this the consequence of this logic is that the companies that have these formulations, that have now been pushed all over the world, have a monopoly.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:11:31] They can use this technology under this regulatory strategy for whatever they want, whether it’s flu vaccine or a encephalitis virus vaccine or a customized cancer medicine. So long as they keep the core formulations, they can swap out whatever RNA they want. And we’ve seen this logic deployed in the United States and I think here in Canada with the new bivalent boosters, where they didn’t do any significant testing. They just push them straight into the human population. That seems to be where they’re going with this. And it seems that it was preplanned. If you go back to this World Health Organization consultation and as evidence for this, if you go and look on clinicaltrials.gov, the United States government website for all clinical trials, you’ll see there’s over 200 clinical trials currently scheduled, 50 are currently enrolling, another 50 are going to start enrolling soon for vaccines. And then there’s at least another 100 for other RNA medicine applications in addition to that. So basically what they’ve done with their regulatory strategy is create a monopoly owned by Pfizer, Biontech and Moderna to open up a whole new category of drugs in vaccines that they’re allowing to be moved into the population very aggressively and very rapidly. And for instance, I’m understanding with the new Ebola outbreak, they’re trying to come up with a new mRNA vaccine for Ebola.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:13:07] I think this is in Uganda. And what I’m hearing is the people of Uganda want nothing to do with it. They’re like RNA vaccine? Forget it! We’ve seen enough of that. I think that by rushing the technology, the potential that it may have had has now been largely compromised because the world has seen that this has been irresponsible, that is toxic, that the toxicities haven’t been addressed, hardly even identified or acknowledged. It just has not been done well, and they have they have damaged, they’ve, I think they’ve probably destroyed the potential of the technology through their irresponsible development. And I think they’ve also now compromised people’s faith in the public health system, in regulatory affairs, in in the entire vaccine enterprise by their irresponsible behavior through all of this and and the mandates, all these things that. It seems to be the logic being promoted by these masters of the universe, whoever they are, is it the WEF or whatever, or the WEF-UN or whatever it is that’s sitting above all this? Or maybe it’s just Bourla at Pfizer? I don’t know. They don’t ask me to their meetings. But it seems that we’re in an environment in which there, there’s a school of thought that is entirely bought into the idea that the ends justify the means and the greater good allows bypassing the ethics that we’ve all agreed upon since World War Two about the sanctity of the individual.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:14:58] And we see that in the the agendas for the transsexual surgery. We see this in the agendas and logic behind genetic and in mechanical modification of humans, the transhumanism. There’s multiple government documents, defense strategic planning documents from UK, Germany and the United States that we’ve found that say flat out that we acknowledge, they acknowledge, that the ethics of transhumanism are aren’t supportable under the current ethical structure that we all have agreed to, and that because their opponent, presumably China, is disregarding these ethics and moving ahead, we must disregard the ethics, too, and move ahead. So we’re we’re moving into this environment where there seems to be this odd consensus that the classic ethics of the importance and sanctity of the individual and free choice and informed consent is thrown out the window, which gets to the point of today’s film. But I think that what we’re seeing is that this logic transcends vaccines. There seems to be a logic now that for the greater good, we can disregard the right to the individual. And and it swept through all kinds of of situations the the willingness to use propaganda on our children about gender and gender identity. I mean, leave the kids alone, right?

Glen Jung: [00:16:57] Yeah, I agree with you.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:17:00] I think there was an album from Pink Floyd about. Yes, something about the wall.

Glen Jung: [00:17:04] Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone. Well, this is the scary thing. I think what you’re talking about is this many call a “woke agenda,” where we’re seeing these apparently social noble causes like the environment, like transgender, like race, is being pushed forward at the cost of individual thought, feeling and intuition where people are being brought into this world now, where everything is abstract, everything is a choice. I can choose. I can choose what gender I am. I actually saw a video of a young English, white English guy, influencer on Instagram in his early thirties who had his 18th eye surgery to look Korean and after that he, right after the surgery he said, “My surgeries are done. I now identify as Korean.” Right? So what are we doing? We are creating this abstract world where everything becomes a choice as opposed to listening to our instincts are intuitions and therefore people become confused and therefore more manipulable. Is this something that.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:17:58] So that you’re now you’re touching on what is the agenda behind all this?

Glen Jung: [00:18:02] Yeah.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:18:02] And again, like with everything, I have to be cautious because I don’t know what their true agenda is. We can observe the effects and the effects are fragmentation of society, fragmentation of identity, the the place, you know, coming back to home, I think that adults should have the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies. The boundary is children. It’s it’s 18 and below. When people are, young people are still forming their self images. It’s been pointed out, the world is full of tomboys that grew up to be exceptional women and mothers. And are we going to just because somebody is behaving as a tomboy, are we going to manipulate their physical body through chemicals that are not approved for this purpose and through surgery, which is, by the way, enormously profitable? Vanderbilt University had a a surgeon involved in the transgender movement bragging about how much potential profit there was associated with that. There was a huge blowback. And now they put all that on hold. And they’re recognizing that there are commercial conflicts of interest here that are distorting all of this. But I don’t know what the agenda is behind it. I do know that this this these agendas and this behavior, just like we saw with the vaccines, are being promoted globally. They’re being promoted here. They’re being promoted in Europe. They’re being promoted in in the United States. They’re being promoted in South Africa in the same way, the teaching in the schools of the young. This is this is not by chance. This is not an organic thing that’s arisen from some local subculture. This isn’t just San Francisco or choose your place. You know, urban centres, like Toronto. This is something that’s being moved into the culture in a coordinated fashion globally. And and I don’t know what their agenda is. Is it to decrease population? Is it to fragment individuals? Is it to break up communities? I don’t know. I just know it’s wrong.

Glen Jung: [00:20:39] That’s exactly it. There is a feeling that it is wrong. I mean, all the evidence coming out against the mRNA vaccine now. We’ve got Dr. Aseem Malhotra coming out. I mean, there’s a deluge. And

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:20:50] You know, I’d like to talk about that in the same way. So what’s it gets back to our first topic that we talked about, about this attacks coming from both sides. The gentleman. So, this is a gentleman that was a thought leader in the U.K. His father was a major force in British medicine.

Glen Jung: [00:21:12] Yeah. The VP of the British Medical Association

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:21:14] and and died after the jab caused his son, the cardiologist, a well respected cardiologist, to start digging into the data, having having been a proponent and one of the earliest recipients of the vaccine very publicly, starts digging into the data. And in a testimony to his personal integrity, when he became aware that he had been wrong, he went public with his assessment, published it, spoke out about it on GB News and every other forum. And what’s happened? He’s being attacked from both sides, just like I am. He you cannot post anything having to do with his name on Facebook. He’s deplatformed and he’s attacked from the right wing because, well, why didn’t he understand this, uou know, at the outset? This, what happens when you do that is anybody, any other doctor who might right now be having second thoughts about whether or not they’ve made the right decisions? They’ve advised their patients the correct way. They look what happens to him. And they’re like, am I going to come out and say, no, this is the right thing? Are you crazy? Right? It, this attacking of people as they become awake and accusing them is so counterproductive that you have to conclude that it’s either madness or it is intentional because you couldn’t conceive of a better way to force those physicians and others thought leaders to stay in their shell and not speak out, than to attack them when they do.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:23:19] It’s incredibly counterproductive. And and it’s an example of what’s happening all the way through this. And it’s and I think it’s a great case study in why we seem to be seeing the fragmentation of a number of the different resistance groups. And it’s it’s hard, you know, it’s it’s paranoid. But as they say, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me. It’s even though it may seem paranoid, it is certainly a possibility and I think a probability that there are bad actors out there that are promoting this through bots and all kinds of of tools. These attacks on on people that have come to realize the truth of the data. And he’s a notable example. I think he needs all of our support, not attacks.

Glen Jung: [00:24:22] I think you just hit a great point right there. He needs all of our support. I think this is one of the things. I mean, there are those bad actors who are dividing the movement, which is ironic because this is exactly what we’re fighting, is division. Right? We’re fighting for unity here. But I think one of the big things I think people need to realize is that this awakening that’s happening also has to come within ourselves, that we look at the bigger movement and put ourselves behind that movement.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:24:46] So, that’s a key point to make is I think part of this is malignant egotism. There are there are those as as it’s now built momentum and and it’s now come to kind of a critical mass. There are many people who are seeking to assert their dominance of this. I’m the leader, you know. I’m the I’m the important person here. And there’s a a very human tendency to be competitive, let’s say, and to get wrapped up in one’s own ego. And I’m seeing a lot of evidence of malignant egotism in in some of these behaviors. And and again, this is a, there is a substantial historic precedent in this. When you when you move through these moments of change and you get to a certain critical mass of acceptance, then there becomes historically a fight over who gets credit for that. Right? It’s so dysfunctional. And in if you look at the people that are doing a lot of this stuff, many of them do have this, you know. Put it this way, in my opinion, a lot of the things that we’ve seen play out in various players and I’ll just pick on Bill Gates or Tony Fauci. These are narcissists. These are people that fit into classic personality disorder profiles. And much I think of what we’ve seen can be attributed in part to malignant narcissism, which is ego. And I think that we’re now seeing that play out in the resistance to some extent now, and that we’ve got to tamp that down.

Glen Jung: [00:27:00] So how do

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:27:01] That’s not okay.

Glen Jung: [00:27:01] How do we move forward?

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:27:04] [Sigh] So my favourite psychiatrist, Matthias Desmet, says we have to keep speaking the truth or our truth. It’s it’s a tough, that’s a tough question. How do we overcome these longstanding human tendencies? And historically, they’ve often had to burn themselves out, which is really a grim thing to say. I think you mentioned the importance of self-examination and self-awareness. I don’t think we can control others. We can’t. All we can control is ourselves. There was a great essay I posted the other day from someone else, a European about the meek shall inherit the earth. What did they mean by the meek? If you track back the meaning of that word as it’s used in the Bible, it goes back to biblical times. Meek is not what we think of as meek now. Subservient. Meek was a term. It derives from language in the Greek and other in other ancient languages that were around at the time of of Jesus Christ and and the New Testament that speaks of Meek being more of a position of subsuming the ego being under self-control. There’s there’s a phrase having a sharp sword, but keeping it sheathed, you know, being in the biblical narrative of Jesus and the money chase changers. Right? And throwing the tables and chasing them with the whip. There’s a time when you have to let it out, but it has to come from a position not of egotism. And I think that that’s what we need to strive for, is meek in that sense of keeping our egos under control, staying focused on the mission, remembering that this isn’t about me or you. This is about a much bigger cause. And in that we try to stay unified in that cause as a community and as individuals. I think I think that’s all we can do is control ourselves in in our position in how we interact with our community and don’t get lost in in our own egos. Try to try to stay focused on the challenge and on on on our the real goal.

Glen Jung: [00:30:09] I love it. You’re talking about self evolution within this world where we’re trying to create a new evolution of of understanding, of science, of ethics. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing. And it’s great to see you again.

Dr. Robert Malone: [00:30:23] Thanks.

Glen Jung: [00:30:24] Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed this interview with Dr. Robert Malone. We are working hard to bring you the experts to give you the truth. Please support independent media. Go to BrightLightNews.com or e-transfer gord@BrightLightNews.com. Thanks so much. Help keep shining a light on the truth.

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