[INTERVIEW] Covid-19 Is a Deceptive Criminal Campaign -Dr. Mark Trozzi

[FULL INTERVIEW] Dr. Mark Trozzi, never one to hold back, speaks frankly about the “Covid Criminal Enterprise,” the toll on his life for speaking out and the way forward.

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4 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Covid-19 Is a Deceptive Criminal Campaign -Dr. Mark Trozzi”

  1. I often hear you use the term “unprecedented” when speaking about this. I invite you to watch the documentary “The Real Anthony Fauci” in order to get information on past fake epidemics. Plus, the website http://www.corbettreport.com has lots of information on how this plandemic ties in with 9/11. The connections Corbett makes are eye-opening.

  2. a brief inspection of Statistics Canada data clearly shows:
    #1. Total Canadian deaths in 2020 were the same as 2019
    #2. Total flu deaths averaged 13,000 per year from 2016 to 2019
    #3. In 2020 there is no more flu, now there are 13,000 “covid19” deaths. These deaths do exactly the same thing as the flu: they start in the fall; peak in the winter; and go away in the spring. Furthermore, they do not change life expectancy, ie. they typically occur a year and a half after life expectancy
    #4. In 2021 something new happens. the “covid19” deaths climb to 17,000
    [note this rise is above what the flu has ever been.] But the real story is:
    #5. 13,000 of those deaths do the same thing as #3. BUT THE EXTRA 4000 deaths DO NOT DO THAT. They show a peak in early spring after the first jab; there is another spike after the second genocide jab in late spring; there is another spike after the third genocide jab in early fall; and there is a fourth spike when the late compliers were forced to comply in early winter primarily young men in the “federally regulated industries”
    I am seeing 4% of my customers die or have life changing permanent injuries from the jab.

  3. Freeland's Destruction of Canada

    Awesome interview detailing this genocide and how Dr. Trozzi deciphered it,spoke out and sacrificed for the truth.
    Trozzi points out that Glen did much the same in his field here for BLN.
    The globalist leaning leeches that represent Canada and the health officials that sold out the people and nation of Canada should be arrested and charged for their crimes against our nation and humanity,itself.

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