[INTERVIEW] New Zealand’s Medical Seizure of Baby Will -Sue Grey, Lawyer, & Dr. Anne O’Reilly

*UPDATE: Baby Will has been taken into surgery, taken in the middle of the night by police from his bed and mother.

Baby Will’s case has grabbed international headlines, as a New Zealand court has refused the family the right to receive unvaccinated blood for Baby Will, prior to open-heart surgery, and instead given medical guardianship to the state to allow for Will to receive mrna-injected blood. (Justice Gault’s Dec. 7 judgment is below with parents of baby Will anonymized.)

The consequences of this decision may be life-altering to Baby Will, as the effects of vaccinated blood are not well known with another baby, one-month-old Alexander, dying of a blood clot shortly after receiving vaccinated blood.

On a broader societal level, the larger question remains: why is the state usurping the right and power of parents to make a medical decision for their child?

Join us for this important interview, as counsel for Baby Will’s parents, Sue Grey, and Dr. Anne O’Reilly, MD, discuss the family’s case one day after the shocking decision.

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