I Can’t Believe What’s Happening in Canada -Geert Vanden Bossche, Vaccinologist

On Day 1 of the #betterwayconference in Bath, England, Geert Vanden Bossche gave us his quick take on the covid-vaccine-based medical tryanny just before speaking.

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  1. Did you guys see the now viral 2018 video of Pfizer’s CEO bragging about their microchipped schizophrenia pill? Easier to ensure 100% compliance, don’t cha know.

    And how about the Wuhan lab doing research on monkeypox last year? It surely can’t be related to the sudden worldwide increase in cases, right?

    Or how about recent EU news reports on the latest research that links booster shots with a marked decline in natural immunity? Whoopsie!

    (Yep, looks like we’re gonna need some new conspiracy theories.)

    1. “Those people that took two or three injections are now coming down with end-stage AIDS- Auto immune disease
      syndrome -that they are calling Monkey Pox.
      It’s a cover up. These people have severely depleted CD-4 and CD-8 cells -their T cells or their first line of defence.
      Other people are coming down with a form of pneumonia.
      This type of pneumonia is common is end-stage AIDS patients. They have a very low survival rate.
      There will probably be new types of pneumonia outbreaks.
      Test the patients for HIV.
      The CDC and WHO are saying this is Monkey Pox. I would bet my bottom dollar nine times out of ten that it is not.”
      Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston

  2. It is obvious that there is a very deep problem in Canada where a minority government and its small fringe ally, the socialist party of Canada, have told obvious lies about people who oppose the vax requirements. They have told many more falsehoods about the ordinary Canadians who brought their concerns and questions to the doorstep of their country’s Parliamentary system. When the news media promoted those lies, and when other major institutions went along with those falsehoods, the Canadian society cracked loudly.

    Now this fringe minority that rules Canada has conspired to deny the Official Opposition party from its rightful role in co-chairing committees — starting with the one that is tasked by law to investigate the use of emergency measures. The party in Opposition is now becoming defanged. It has been ineffective in protecting liberties of ordinary Canadians, anyway. So elected representatives are failing Canadians.

    THAT is why the Freedom Convoy got so much support by bringing people to the representatives; people decided to represent themselves directly and to work with the elected politicians to resolve basic over-reach issues that have been plaguing society. But that was swept aside with little, if any, substantive opposition in the House; meanwhile there was enough opposition in the Senate, an unelected body, that the government did not get its way completely. But it still got its way. And it plans to make some of those measures permanent, if they can get away with it.

    So where do Canadians turn now?

    The provincial governments have had in their power, legitimately, to challenge the federal government’s over-reaches. But those provincial politicians have over-reached also and in doing so have heaped only fake glory on themselves. So they are a deadend, too.

    If courts are supposed to safeguard liberties, then, they are far too slow to move. The system has become bogged down in covidmania protocols, as well. Zoom meetings? Ridiculous requirements and restrictions have been applied to the workplaces in which courts operate. Now that will bias the judicial process in many ways, some of which will be subliminal.

    Consider the over-reach of a prosecutorial process that has inflated ‘mischief’ into a crime that would have the accused locked up longer than any reasonable precedent could possibly have justified. Consider treating the accused as a danger to society to the extent that to appear before a judge in a bail hearing, yes a bail hearing, it was deemed necessary to place her legs in shackles. Consider that the charge of mischief has now been distorted to the point that the prosecutorial process, in a country that prides itself on due process and rule of law, now imposes vague bail conditions that become ambiguous entrapments used to return the accused to lockup. And all of this for accusations that would make peaceful demonstrations, lawful demonstrations, and the exercise of free speach, freedom of assembley, and freedom of travel crimes against the State.

    The farce continues. Canada has lost its way.

  3. #TrudeauForTreason is trending on Twitter.
    Canadians have had enough of his WHO/WEF shit show.

    1. Hmm, “Trudeau for Treason”. I like it, but wouldn’t he need to be deemed mentally competent to stand trial? He’s already fallen off the pedestal a lot of people placed him on—so maybe we should just wait until he trips over his own shoelaces, falls down a steep flight of stairs, and Darwin Awards himself.

      (BTW: The only reason he survived the pedestal fall was the large pile of sh*t he fell into.)

      Update: Trudeau apparently read my post and is permanently switching to loafers. (Rumor has it that he bought a matching pair for Jagmeet.)

  4. Geert, an authentic leader speaking truth -the complete opposite of the fascists in power taking out our nation for globalist scum. That makes them the scum of scum.
    Bravo to Gord and Geert!!

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