Humanitarian Tour de Force Gathers in Bath, England #BetterWayConference [Exclusive Pics]

Anyone who attended the #betterwayconference in Bath, England, from May 20-22 surely walked away awash in the same glow of light and hope provided by a veritable who’s who of the most recognized and respected voices in the fight against the Covid-19 narrative and the pending WHO global dictatorship, including Drs Tess Lawrie, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Jessica Rose, Pierre Kory, Maria Humber-Mogg, Mark Trozzi, Geert Vanden Bossche, Dolores Cahill, Kat Lindley and Ryan Cole, Bret Weinstein, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Reiner Fuellmich, MC Del Bigtree, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, GB News’ Neil Oliver, and many more.

Outside the doors of the Apex Hotel, the slumbering masses busied themselves with the orchestrated world that’s been pulled over their eyes, while inside diamonds of humanity–forged and squeezed together by the monolithic pressures of the latest chapter in a long-planned pandemic playbook–offered cutting edge science and solutions to move our world out of its current tyranny to reclaim a world powered by love, human rights and inalienable freedoms.

Each of the speakers (doctors, scientists, lawyers, activists, media personalities, a new generation of inspiring World Council for Health youths, film producers, complementary medical practitioners in homeopathy, frequency medicine, chi gong, etc.) featured across 7 panels over 3 days embodied the very spirit of universal constitutions and ethical, medical and human rights codes, now long since abandoned by govts and public institutions around the world. This humanitarian peace corps came together for the greatest humanitarian crisis to fight for each and everyone of us at the cost of their own reputations and livelihoods.

What struck me most in my time there as journalist was the sheer humility and kindness that each of the speakers displayed in speaking with the lay audience members after each panel and even on the streets or in restaurants where we dined. Professor Dolores Cahill, who correctly predicted that people would start dying after vaccination, thanked me after agreeing to having her picture taken with me and later shared a pizza with me at the Green Park Brasserie. World-renowned vaccinologist and virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who also warned that a vaccine catastrophe was imminent by vaccinating into a pandemic, was always smiling and willing to share his expertise on Covid-19 vaccines, the compromised immune systems of vaccinees and monkeypox. He also generously agreed to an interview (coming soon). Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, 1 of only 2 pathologists in the world (Dr. Arne Burkhardt being the other) doing fluorescent staining of the vaccine’s toxic spike protein, always shared an infectiously calm demeanour whether shaking someone’s hand or explaining the unprecedented uptick in vaccine-induced injuries, like cancers and cardiovascular events. (Interview coming soon.)

To my great respect and growing appreciation, medical investigator and host of The Highwire Del Bigtree displayed the ferocity, intelligence and wisdom that has made him an icon and the perfect, sought-after Master of Ceremonies for the weekend. Bigtree brought relatably sage advice to reach across to those yet unaware: don’t project your facts and position on them, just listen. Really listen. Hear where they’re coming from and, after understanding, ask a related question to their surely echo-chamber narrative–which would will not hold up to true scientific scrutiny–to plant a seed of doubt for them to walk away with and ruminate on. And from the Reclaiming and Revolutionizing Media panel to independent journalists: if you feel guided to do something, follow it. Don’t let your intellect take over and talk you out of something that could be the embarkation of your highest calling. (Interview coming soon.)

From the revisioning of what medicine is and what it should be (an open multi-modality approach ripe with discourse and driven by a patient’s choice) to the chilling prospects of Bill Gates, the WEF and the WHO’s global dictator power grab, there were many insights and solutions gleaned from some of the top experts in the world for a better way forward.

Some memorable moments:

-jabbed people don’t want to hear from people who’ve been injured because they don’t want to know they have a ticking time-bomb inside them -Dr Christian Buckland
-“There have been 769 athletes who have collapsed during sports events in the past year. We have a massive global epidemic of mass psychosis, mass formation, denial.” -Dr. Jennifer Hibberd
-if the mainstream media told the truth for 24 hours, the narrative would immediately collapse. -Laura Anderson
-Caroline Pover, author of Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Survival, reported that her book went #1 on Amazon in health the same day of her speech
-“Big Pharma medicine is not medicine. It’s Big Pharma.” –Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude
-the “vaccine” spike protein causes clots, “These are not normal clots.” The vaccine is a toxic “nuclear bomb” causing untold harm. -Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist
-How the hell can we give informed consent when we don’t know what’s in the vaccines? And why won’t they tell us? –Dr Tess Lawrie
-75% of Big Media revenue is from Big Pharma, which dictates the evening news. News anchors are Pharma sales reps. Bill Gates spent $319 million and the Dept of Health and Human Services billions to Big Media to promote vaccines. –Robert F Kennedy Jr.
-finally meeting Dr. Mark Trozzi in person and sharing a mutual respect, excitement and admiration for a fellow fighter of human rights and freedoms and the great South African activist, journalist and lawyer, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, alluringly infectious in her conviction that a positive outcome is inevitable by working together in this war. (Both are part of the steering committee of the World Council for Health that held this historic event.)

I am humbled to have been able to sit with these giants, hear their expertise and solutions, to have been heard by them as an equal in this fight and to have shared laughs over drinks with many of them. I am emboldened to continue empowering others through the work of our independent media outlet. And most especially, I am grateful to each one of these warriors in the greatest fight of our lives…for their compassion and love for all that is right, true and for each and every one of us.

I would like to extend a great thank you to Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Jennifer Hibberd and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed for making my participation possible and a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Mark Trozzi for including me in all the post-event activities.

*All speeches from the 7 panels can still be heard with a time-limited 25% off virtual pass. It’s highly recommended to host a watch party and share this important information and the cost. You can also support the organizers through the silent auction ending May 28 @4pm ET, including signed copies of RFK Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci, Bret Weinstein’s A Hunter Gatherers Guide to the 21st century, Caroline Pover’s Pickled Onions and a painting by Janine Gallizia who is one of the top 10 watercolour masters in the world. There truly is a better way.

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  1. Fletcher Murray

    Please send other links to “truth speakers” re: Ivermectin, forced vaccines, long haul recovery tricks and tips. Thx.

  2. Any plans to make the full content available to non-subscribers (at a later date) at no charge? Understand that you need the contribution to cover your overheads, but a significant number are not able to contribute under the current economy.

  3. Hope the next conference is massively publicised for those of us not on Social Media.Thankyou Thank you… to all concerned for hosting this event ….the truth cannot come soon enough..I hope you are hugely supported .

  4. Thanks for reporting on this inspiring event which we attended. The World Council for hEalth really is looking to courage and vacilitate the establishment of alternate avenues to good health rather than the National Illness System we now have. Wishing Tess Laerie her team and colleagues every success.

  5. This must have been a wonderful & encouraging conference! Thank you, Mark Trozzi, for sharing some of its contents on your platform; and Bright Light News for the reporting.

  6. Thank you, Bright Light News, for your excellent reporting and commitment to shining a light on the truth!

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