[FULL INTERVIEW] Is Canada Now a Communist Country? -Convoy Leader Tom Marrazo

A face of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. Global attention. Bank account frozen. Interviewed by Robert F Kennedy Jr…

Veteran (veterans4freedom.ca) Tom Marrazo’s life forever changed after taking a lead role in the 3 weeks of peaceful civil disobedience in Ottawa, where he also announced the departure of the truckers to the world. Now running as a candidate for the Ontario Party, Tom joined us for this March 23, 2002, interview to discuss his skyrocketing role, Canada’s departure from a democratic country to a now lawless authoritarian one and answer whether Tamara Lich is controlled opposition among several other topics.

Join us for this fascinating interview.

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13 thoughts on “[FULL INTERVIEW] Is Canada Now a Communist Country? -Convoy Leader Tom Marrazo”

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  2. Really? After an hour listening to Tom and Gord explain how Canadians have been forced into the realm of Communist dictates and Jack pumps his knife collection?

    “We woke Canadians up when Justin Trudeau decided to attack his own citizens.
    When he openly decided to attack his own veterans on the very steps of the National War Memorial…..
    If you think about that -the disgrace to that.
    The Federal Govt has become the laughing stock of the entire free world.
    Even third world nations are looking at Canada-laughing.
    Our Federal Government’s reputation on a global scale has decreased -dramatically.”

    ” Do I live in Canada or do I live in a communist country?”
    ” Canadians are leaving (Canada) en masse.” Tom Marazzo

  3. Knives and axes may be Canada’s oldest and most useful tools. I have a significant $3,000 collection. I divide the knifes into Razor-sharp and Scary-sharp categories. The Scary-sharp ones ($200+) are those that despite knowing how incredibly sharp they are, I still frequently manage to cut myself.
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    Every so often I review my collection and when I find I have too many of one type, I give a few away. I’ve noted that people are becoming are far more comfortable with owning knives, particularly those with a frequent need to use one.
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