[FULL INTERVIEW] Is Canada Now a Communist Country? -Convoy Leader Tom Marrazo

A face of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. Global attention. Bank account frozen. Interviewed by Robert F Kennedy Jr…

Veteran (veterans4freedom.ca) Tom Marrazo’s life forever changed after taking a lead role in the 3 weeks of peaceful civil disobedience in Ottawa, where he also announced the departure of the truckers to the world. Now running as a candidate for the Ontario Party, Tom joined us for this March 23, 2002, interview to discuss his skyrocketing role, Canada’s departure from a democratic country to a now lawless authoritarian one and answer whether Tamara Lich is controlled opposition among several other topics.

Join us for this fascinating interview.

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16 thoughts on “[FULL INTERVIEW] Is Canada Now a Communist Country? -Convoy Leader Tom Marrazo”

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  2. Those police were heroes fighting against anarchy in Ottawa. I give them a lot of respect. I just wish those bank accounts were not only frozen, but drained and given to the city of Ottawa to help pay for all the damage they caused. Nothing but a bunch of whiners that think they can do whatever they want. Our democracy was threatened and Justin Trudeau acted as he should, a true hero for Canada protecting our freedoms for safety and from very scary doctrines. Those that are leaving the country…GOOD!!!! Get out of here we dont want you. Have fun trying to live in a shitty third world country.

    You cant win, your opinion is not valid. It is dangerous and dam right criminal to express these types of views.

    1. What damage, Twit? Really! What damage was caused! The businesses closed because THE CITY told them to close so as not to serve the truckers. The Iconic Cafe stayed open only to have your heroes, THE POLICE THREATENED TO SMASH THEIR STORE-FRONT WINDOWS if the owners didn’t let them in WITHOUT A WARRANT on a phony INSPECTION claim — DURING A WEEKEND! But that wasn’t enough, so THE CITY EVICTED THE OWNERS.

      Then there was the Gelato shop who was doxed for contributing $250 to the convoy, and had to CLOSE because of ALL THE DEATH THREATS they’ve been getting.

      Apart from that, there was NO DAMAGE, twit. NONE. The truckers even cleaned the streets of the core, kept the sidewalks clear of snow, because THE CITY refused to do it, FED THE HOMELESS even though the government LIED about taking food from the shelters, as they also lied about the supposed desecration of the War Memorial, and the Terry Fox statue.

      What a fine democracy we’re living in, where the police IGNORE the constitution, the charter of rights and freedoms, and basically throw the law out the window, all at the behest of the Turd’s hurt feelings. And I’m sure all those internal investigations that the police are supposedly conducting over the violent take-downs, the kneeing, and the butt-ending from rifles will turn up a slew of charges of corrupt police officers without badges. (who am I kidding?)

      And after the core was cleared, the police maintained all the barricades, the fencing, and the check points for weeks, turning the core into a ghost town.

      Any “damage” that occurred was done by your heroes, THE POLICE. It was THE POLICE that tried to STEAL the truckers’ fuel to keep them warm. It was THE POLICE that VANDALIZED PRIVATE PROPERTY of the protestors by SMASHING THE WINDSHEILD OF THEIR CARS AND TRUCKS when they impounded their vehicles.

      And it was the INTERIM CHIEF OF POLICE, Steve Bell, that tried to blame the trampling of a Metis elder with a walker by the mounted officers on someone “throwing a bicycle at the horses!” A BLATANT LIE!

      You can say that “our democracy was threatened” all you want, but twit… YOU’D BE LYING! Right! If you want to stage a coup, the most effective vehicles would be tractor-trailers! There was ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION FOR INVOKING THE EA, twit. Even LEFT WING ORGANIZATIONS HAD SAID SO!

      Actually, twit, you may have a point when you say that our democracy is threatened, but it was not threatened by the truckers. Our democracy is under threat right now, by a tyrannical dictator, who is still under some dystopian delusion that Canada is somehow a free and democratic country.

      Sorry, Twit. YOU DON’T PROTECT FREEDOM by ARRESTING PEOPLE ON TRUMPED-UP CHARGES and KEEP THEM IN JAIL WITHOUT BAIL for weeks, while holding basic human rights HOSTAGE, IMPRISONING CANADIANS from leaving their own country, or even travel within Canada because of vaccination status, in clear violation of Section 6 of the charter, twit.


      Yeah, Twit. “Freedom” is indeed “a very scary doctrine” to authoritarian ass hats like yourself, and be careful what you wish for. If enough people leave the country, there won’t be enough to pay for your freeloading off of the welfare state, but you wouldn’t mind the economy crashing, would you, Twit? Because that’s what the Turd wants… to CRASH the economy to prep the country for your much desired social credit system as part of the great reset in the new world order.

      What’s so “dangerous” about expressing truly democratic values, twit? Instead of maligning people who don’t agree with you, why don’t you at least try to present coherent arguments instead of childish rants of ad-hominems.

      I feel sorry for your kids, twit. I feel sorry because your kids will have to live in your sorry example of utopia, but most of all, I feel sorry because your kids have you for a father.

      1. You are spreading hate. I rest my case that all of you are wannabie criminals and terrorists. I can’t wait to see your bank accounts froze, drained and all of you locked up.

    2. The weather is getting nicer, the sun is shining strong. Rog, I hope you find your way outside and get some vitamin D. I will make you much happier.

  3. Really? After an hour listening to Tom and Gord explain how Canadians have been forced into the realm of Communist dictates and Jack pumps his knife collection?

    “We woke Canadians up when Justin Trudeau decided to attack his own citizens.
    When he openly decided to attack his own veterans on the very steps of the National War Memorial…..
    If you think about that -the disgrace to that.
    The Federal Govt has become the laughing stock of the entire free world.
    Even third world nations are looking at Canada-laughing.
    Our Federal Government’s reputation on a global scale has decreased -dramatically.”

    ” Do I live in Canada or do I live in a communist country?”
    ” Canadians are leaving (Canada) en masse.” Tom Marazzo

  4. Knives and axes may be Canada’s oldest and most useful tools. I have a significant $3,000 collection. I divide the knifes into Razor-sharp and Scary-sharp categories. The Scary-sharp ones ($200+) are those that despite knowing how incredibly sharp they are, I still frequently manage to cut myself.
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    Every so often I review my collection and when I find I have too many of one type, I give a few away. I’ve noted that people are becoming are far more comfortable with owning knives, particularly those with a frequent need to use one.
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