[FULL INTERVIEW] Govt’s Covid-19 Response Has Hallmark Signs of an Abuser – Theo Fleury

5 thoughts on “[FULL INTERVIEW] Govt’s Covid-19 Response Has Hallmark Signs of an Abuser – Theo Fleury”

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    1. Theo, Thank you so much for speaking out against this tyranny. We are right here with you spreading truth and I don’t care what my family or anyone else thinks about me. God woke me up last May, after I got on my knees to pray. I was in tears and in deep heartfelt pain, which I felt for the future of humanity. God answered, and he said “HAVE NO FEAR. My fear was gone instantly and he has given me wisdom to see their tricks and lies. I instantly had the intuition to see that they were killing people by putting them on ventilators. Since then I have been sharing info to try to help people wake up. My kids have said unkind things to me and called me a conspiracy theorist. They have been taught by the Cabal. Sometimes I blame myself because I worked 2 jobs to give them a good life. And they were brainwashed by the schools system and Tel. A. Vision programming and now they can’t think logically. This has caused division for so many families. May God’s supernatural force help us wake the rest of humanity and may his force rid us of this evil.


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