2 thoughts on “Dr. Trozzi Shares Day 1 Excitement of #BetterWayConference”

  1. Summary of Events – Ukraine (1991 to 2022)
    1) In 1991 the Donbass Region voted in a REFERENDUM to join Ukraine, NOT RUSSIA that it shares a common border with.
    2) In 2014 Putin sent Insurgents into the Donbass Region to stir up as much trouble as possible.
    3) In 2014 one of those Insurgents shot down flight MH17 with 298 passengers on board, including 12 Canadians. The Insurgent and the missile were BOTH IDENTIFIED as originating in a specific region of Russia in a trial held in The Hague.
    4) Since 2014 fighting between Ukrainians and Russians in Donbass Region has steadily increased, as was Putin’s intent.
    5) Since Feb 2022 nothing in Ukraine has gone according to Putin’s plan.
    6) It is now clear that not just Ukraine, but Georgia, Sweden and Finland will ALL SOON JOIN NATO.
    The people of the Donbass Region wanted to be INDEPENDENT OF RUSSIA in 1991 and until a second Referendum is held the world must assume that has not changed.
    During WW2 the West sent Tanks and other munitions to Russia to fight the Nazis while it prepared for War. Today the West is sending Missiles and other munitions to Ukraine to fight the Commies while it prepares for War. Putin claimed that Ukraine was invaded to prevent it from joining NATO. Because of Putin’s actions it is now likely that Sweden, Georgia, Finland, and Ukraine will join NATO.
    How many lives have been lost so far and how many more will be lost before Putin admits that his strategy was not a very smart one? The fastest way that the West can end the invasion of Ukraine will be to repeat its actions during WW2, but this time send Ukraine missiles capable of reaching the Kremlin.

    1. That Canadian General that was captured in Mariopol in command of NATO operations will be trotted out on trial soon.
      I wonder how many bio weapons labs have been dismantled to date?
      Canada and the US are up to their necks in the Ukraine.
      Do you think for one moment that a single bio weapons lab would be allowed on the US border built by her enemies? There are reports of up to 30 of them above and below ground.
      Start there.

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