CNN Ivermectin Lies Exposed, As CNN Doctor Confirms on Joe Rogan Podcast

Despite 43 peer-reviewed clinical studies and data from several countries, including India, Peru and many in Africa, proving the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid-19, CNN and other mainstream media outlets continue to propagate lies about its efficacy and use in humans, ridiculing Joe Rogan for using the “horse dewormer.”

This brilliant video includes clips of the many lies told by CNN and the admission by its own medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, confirming that the media giant was wrong to do so on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

2 thoughts on “CNN Ivermectin Lies Exposed, As CNN Doctor Confirms on Joe Rogan Podcast”

  1. Ashok TJaisinghani

    💥If a TOP American General like Colin Powell can DIE because of the COVID-19 Vaccine injections, the Drug Makers, and the MEDIA promoting the Vaccines BLINDLY, shall soon face trouble from the American ARMED Forces. CENSORSHIP by the MEDIA shall come to an END soon‼️

  2. Ashok TJaisinghani

    💥COVID-19 Vaccines KILLED General Colin Powell who was former Secretary of State of USA❗He suffered from Severe COVID-19, even after getting injections of 2 doses of the VACCINE‼️ How many more TOP Leaders, Famous Persons and even Doctors must die due to the COVID-19 Vaccines, so that they can be declared DANGEROUS and BANNED❓

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