BREAKING: No Future Repercussions for Freedom Convoy Participants With Emergencies Act Revoked

At a 10:00 am videoconference motion hearing this morning regarding case file T-306-22/CANADIAN FRONTLINE NURSES ET AL. v. ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA, John Provart, lead counsel for the Attorney General, stated in no uncertain terms that because the Emergencies Act has been revoked and its orders no longer exist, there can be no future repercussions for any direct or indirect participants of #FreedomConvoy protest.

Both Kristen Nagle and Sarah Choujounian, founders of the Canadian Frontline Nurses, confirmed with us that they will continue their case to fight the legality of the Emergencies Act. They are accepting donations at their website.

12 thoughts on “BREAKING: No Future Repercussions for Freedom Convoy Participants With Emergencies Act Revoked”

  1. Reading the comments about this on Reddit. It really is a left-wing cesspool. Imagine the pain of not being able to hunt down and persecute your political opponents. The poor little Vax-Nazis are crying in their soy milk. Good! Cry harder! 😛

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  3. I’m banned from posting on The People’s Red Sun again. Apparently, you’re not allowed to call anything “common friggin’ sense!” 😛

    Our snowflake lamestream media are a bunch of Trudeau-complicit worms! 😀

  4. To add on to Ian’s query, does this also mean that all bank accounts will be unfrozen? Since the permission granted allowing them frozen without normal legal processes was under the Emergencies Act? Or is that separate litigation that is ongoing since there was noise made about making that permanent somehow?

  5. And yet the Emergencies Act has opened the door for the federal government to permanently keep in place the ability to freeze both personal and corporate funds. Doesn’t sound like no future repercussions to me

  6. What about those truckers who had their trucks (illegally) sized and the City of Ottawa is going to (illegally) auction them off? Do we hang them out to dry? Or do we do the right thing and fight to have their trucks returns without any more legal battles, fines and penalties???

    1. If I’m reading this right, they should now have at least $12 million from GiveSendGo to buy new trucks and defend their leaders in court.

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