BREAKING: Court Orders FDA to Release Pfizer Data at Rate of 55,000 Pages Per Month

In an explosive win for transparency, litigator Aaron Siri, representing the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, won a major victory in having Pfizer’s submitted data for its Covid-19 licensure revealed at a rate of 55,000 pages per month by Mar. 1, 2022, rather than the previous declaration of 500 pages per month by the FDA–amounting to 75 years to release all the data.

Siri made the announcement here.

The FOIA request is sure to reveal a treasure trove of corporate and medical malfeasance.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Court Orders FDA to Release Pfizer Data at Rate of 55,000 Pages Per Month”

  1. That’s good this info is getting released but who the hell is going to read 55,000 pages a month?

  2. By curiosity, at 55 000 pages per month, how long will it take for all the information to be produced?

  3. I love it thank God that a bright light will come to shine on all the Darkness that has come from the Evils that hide behind Government badges of Corrupt Power!! Thank you and thank goodness the tides are changing in the minds and Hearts of so many🙏🏻

  4. Amazing news. It’s not unexpected that such an unreasonable ask be challenged by the intelligentsia. And by that I mean Bright Light News.

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