[CLIPS] BLN4: Fifth Generation Warfare -Dr. Robert Malone + Drs. Jill Malone, Byram Bridle, Mark Trozzi (9/20/23)

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -William Casey, former director of the CIA, 1981.

Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone headlined Bright Light News Live Panel 4: Fifth Generation Warfare and Propaganda with guest speakers Drs. Byram Bridle and Mark Trozzi, and what a remarkable evening it was, roadmapping and providing solutions to the bigger picture of growing govt and globalist control spiked during Covid.

In today’s world of misinformation (false info that is believed to be true), disinformation (false info meant to cause harm) and malinformation (true info meant to cause harm, e.g., doxxing and revenge porn, or exaggerated to mislead) controlled by the very arms of govt, media and Big Tech purporting to sniff out “fake news,” it’s more important now than ever to understand the strategies they use to identify and combat such mass propaganda.

Bright Light News founder, Glen Jung, began the evening with an assessment of our current times, a world of “false equivalence” where govt “science,” now a co-opted and branded marketing scheme, compares their apples-to-oranges “evidence” that mRNA vaccines are safe and effective to overwhelming data to the contrary from censored experts.

Next up, Dr. Mark Trozzi, ER physician and World Council for Health steering committee member, delivered a sobering 30,000-foot view of our “new normal” and also sharing an important Worwith a levity that kept the crowd in stitches without losing the gravity our current situation.

Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone, PhD, vice president and co-founder of the Malone Institute, delved into “Self-Assembling Cults and the Govt” in which govts used proven cult-building techniques to get populations to take the dangerous and ineffective Covid jabs.

Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD, viral immunologist and vaccinologist, delivered unique insider insights into the heartbreaking death of Sheila Lewis, a Canadian woman refused a life-saving organ donor transplant for refusing the Covid shot, while calling out those responsible, “Shame on you! You are responsible for the death of this woman and you know it.”

In a comprehensive presentation, Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS, inventor of RNA vaccine technology, broke down the modern-day, military-grade psychological operations (psyops) deployed on the unsuspecting public to pull off the greatest mass propaganda campaign ever witnessed during Covid-19. He gave the audience the tools to empower themselves to understand how fifth gen warfare works to in turn use it to help take back our freedoms from the the very perpetrators who are usurping them without having ever fired a bullet.

Audience members agree the evening was incredibly empowering and informative. Please keep Bright Light News at the cutting edge for the experts and info you want. DONATE TODAY or send an etransfer to gord@brightlightnews.com.

Thanks to Mike Attard for the outstanding livestream production and Mitch Fillion (Citizen Camera) for capturing of the event and Dr. Robert Malone presentation (coming soon).

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