An Interview With Dr. Jessica Rose (Better Way Conference, Vienna, Austria)

Join just for this intimate interview with Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, as she discusses the OPENVAERS adverse events data on Covid-19 “vaccines,” their overwhelming harms and the tribulations of speaking out on behalf of humanity at the peril of reputation, career, family and friends. Dr. Rose, a computational biologist, has studied the OPENVAERS data extensively and shared her findings on the unprecedented harms cause by the experimental gene therapy on her Unacceptable Jessica substack.

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5 thoughts on “An Interview With Dr. Jessica Rose (Better Way Conference, Vienna, Austria)”

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  2. I ashamed of the FDA, CDC, NIH, Our Government and both parties. This is corruption of the worst kind. Americans are Brainwashed and need to understand they are lying about these shots.1,437, 273 reported adverse effects. I want all those involved prosecuted.

  3. Dr. Hodkinson from Edmonton has stated 20 million dead and over 2.2 billion injured globally from these poison death shots.
    You would think the average person isn’t as easily controlled as is the case.
    Three years into this psy-op and there are still ignorant and uneducated folks that are programmed to believe these injections are for a disease and that the poison is ‘safe and effective’.
    Trudeau,Freeland,Tam and the provincial health ministers should be rounded up and charged with mass murder and crimes against humanity.
    Anybody that goes along with this genocide is complicit.Your ignorance is not helpful or appreciated.

  4. Why are people not being charged/disciplined/ fired for not following protocol and presenting lies.
    You would think the police could examine the widely known situation and start laying charges and putting a stop to all of this.

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