Activist Delivers Documents Warning Toronto Police Chief of Vaccine Harms for Children

[Link for all documents.] Concerned parent and outspoken activist, Vladislav Sobolev, delivered “important documents” to Toronto Police Chief James Ramer yesterday that cite the serious harms of the experimental mRNA shots to children.

The documents include the Toronto Sick Kids’ Hospital’s Myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA Covid-19 vaccination in children: Interim guidance, the U.S. CDC’s Myopericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination: Updates from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and 2 documents sent to the Toronto City Council Dec. 6, 2021, Board of Health meeting, one from Dr. Rochagné Kilian, MD, and the other from Margot Boyd, ethical activist.

Sobolev says all documents will also be available at

10 thoughts on “Activist Delivers Documents Warning Toronto Police Chief of Vaccine Harms for Children”

  1. Let truth light up the darkness

    Well done! The depth of corruption is becoming clearer as the veil has been lifted for those that are awake. Everyone will have to give an account when they stand before the throne.

    1. Canada’s real ethical people are seeing the lies, when I grew up I had to write lines I must not lie times 100, not sure what it would be for murder of the corruption side but if it’s by memory I think it falls under the Nuremburg code under permissible medical experiments but curies if that is so

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  3. Unreal
    This is all corruption even the police
    The government the doctors
    Listening to Gates and Fauci
    And going by the New World Order!
    Brainwashed people!!! So sad ruination of our country because of ignorance

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  5. That was SO gangster Vlad! AMEN. I am a parent who’s been fighting for my vaccine injured child since I ’woke up’ to the corruption in 2008. I Thank you for all you do for EVERY child who needs all of us to step up. The time is now people. No more excuses; They have come for our children. Stand. Speak. And Be brave. #BeVlad♥️
    With love from Northern Ontario, See you all tomorrow ✊🏻

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